Teen Top's Warning Sign 1st Win!!

yay!! Teen Top won first place at the show choice last night!!! I'm so proud of these hard working boys!!! they are so underrated I'm glad they got some recognition for their awesome music!!

here is their special warning sign for the show. I like this a lot.

here is them winning!! lol niel wasn't there so Cap and Ljoe sing his part. Cap is actually like pretty decent. Ljoe should just stick to rapping though haha the faces of the people behind ljoe when he starts sings is hilarious!!! he is too happy to notice though!! thanks to all the angels who voted for them!!!! xoxo angels they are also in a poll on mwave for must anticipated comeback. please go vote for them there too! also keep watching warning sign!! when we go over 2 mil teen top will release a special video!!!


I love Teen Top
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