Awesome Totoro-Style Fanart

We're all familiar with the iconic image from My Neighbor Totoro of Mei and Satsuki standing under their umbrella next to the giant Totoro. It's an image intricately tied into the film and resonates loudly with the fans.

Well, as things go, this same image has been remade in different ways by different people all round. Here are a few I've come across.

Naruto and Kurama

Zoe and Colossal Titan

Peach & Toad with Totoro-Bowser

Captain America and the Hulk

(I personally find this one hella cute@shannonl5@lavonyork@michaelogg)

Calvin and Hobbes

Chell and Glad0s

(This makes me wonder,@paulisadroid - are you related to Glad0s?)

Arya and The Hound


Red and Gengar

Luke, Yoda, and Totoro-Chewbacca


Finn, BMO, and Totoro-Jake

@danidee are you an Adventure Time fan?)

And this one is just straight out of your nightmares.

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