BTS Screenshot Game #4 A Trip to the Carnival Results

I love these games and thank to the awesome@thePinkPrincess for this game. If anyone wants to join in on it, I put down the link to ;) Hopefully it works ;-; Lets start with my results ;)

V is who holds my hands when walking

V came with me into the Haunted House and hugged me the whole time.

Jimin swiftly gave me a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

I shared my cotton candy with J-Hope

Jimin won me a big Teddy Bear

Jimin took couple-selcas with me

Suga walked me home and gave me a goodbye kiss

Welp those were my results hehehe. If you do join in on the game, please tag me. I would love to see your results :) Tagging the peepz that usually tag me on here ^-^ @Kpopandkimchi@KwonOfAKind@4dalientae@Helixx@lovetopia

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