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I saw@TylerDurso's Card and decided to do one myself so ya let's get rolling

Studio: Madhouse.

I feel my anime would best be shown with their type of animation style and design. The way they handle colors is really amazing nothing is lost through the fast paced action and the characters themselves don't lose any design either staying just as sharp in detail as they were standing still.

Genre: Action/Shonen.

Mine is an action oriented Anime, with typical designs and styles from that of Naruto,Bleach, or One Piece. Main character is a goof, but takes fighting and the safety of others seriously.

Setting: Japan.

my character travels mostly through Japan from town to town to explore the vast locations it has to offer. Looking for any information on his soon to be teacher. While also exploring all the food it has to offer as well as Japan has some of the best takoyaki on the planet.

Plot and main Protagonist/Antagonist:

GOD seeking out her true opponent travels from dojo to dojo to find her rightful opponent. She finds a worthy opponent at Miracle Dojo where she kills it's leader Kishiyomi. Devastated he lost his father protagonist Xio Higurashi sets out on a journey to find GOD and kill her. Xio Higurashi male age 16 seeks the help of a gifted fighter, one who has battled many a foe and never lost Death himself. So that one day Xio can find GOD and kill her. GOD a female wishes for Xio to get stronger, so she can mold him into a GOD of destruction. She wishes to bind one another in matrimony as one creates while the other destroys.

My Role in the Anime:

I modeled Xio after myself for crimeny his name was Joe at first however I did decide to put myself as a character in the anime to help guide Xio after his beloved passed on. I help show him why he's fighting for what he's fighting for after he loses the will to fight on because of her passing.

Title: Higurashi (WIP)

I would love to name it Higurashi however there are some gore anime with the same name maybe I should put no relation xD I just wouldn't know what else to call it x_x So what do you think? Naturally I would LOVE to read some feedback and know what your thoughts, opinion, or suggestions would be. Also tag me on yours so I can give ya a thumbs up :3

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