(Discussion) Will The Golden State Warriors Top 72 Wins This Year?


While the conversation of the Warriors cracking the 72 win total slowed down over the past couple of weeks, the team has still been cranking out quality wins left and right.

Last night was a wake up call for many, as the Warriors faced one of the top three teams in the NBA in the San Antonio Spurs.

The result was Curry scoring 37 points in 28 minutes, then resting the fourth quarter as his team finished up a resounding 120-90 win.

It seems as if no one at the moment can slow this team down.

The Spurs, for all their historic defensive numbers, were sans solutions to a problem that plagues the league right now.

The last four games were against playoff caliber teams, at the Warriors played the Cavs, Bulls, Pacers and Spurs. In the past four contests, Curry scored 136 points in 127 minutes, and the Warriors outscored opponents by an incredible 115 in those minutes.

Let's not forget the incredible bench play and starting five around Curry. Klay Thompson is arguably the best shooting guard in the NBA. Draymond Green is also playing All-Star caliber basketball right now. The team is clicking and injury free.

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Will The Golden State Warriors Top 72 Wins This Year?

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