Bias Wreckers.

Beware!! Your bias list is in danger. These are some of my bias wreckers from my bias groups.

First up is the sassiest member of Seventeen, Boo Seungkwan. My bias in Seventeen is Vernon. But.... I absolutely love him! He is me as a Korean man. I'm just as sassy, we both sing, he is roughly my height (who am I'm kidding, I'm to his shoulder), he is so adorable!! He's way too much for me to handle sometimes.

Next is my Seok-ie poo, Jung Hoseok. I love him!!! He is my happy virus. Im Suga biased but......Everytime I see him smile or even think about his smiles, I start smiling. And he is so talented, sweet, lively.....*cough* sexy *cough*.

Okay, I'm pretty sure this guy is either your bias or bias wrecker cause look at him. He. Has. Puppy. Eyes!!!! I just can't even with him! I'm strictly Bit-To biased but....I'm trying so hard!!

Okay. Bam-baby.....I could do without you being utterly perfect! My GOT7 bias is Mark and with this guy....I question myself. At first when I just got into....GOT7..... . . . . . BARS!!!!! Anyway, I thought he was the maknae because of his cute features and innocent looking face, then I found out otherwise. I felt so bad. But who can help it when he's just so cute!!

I wanna kiss his face........Nough said... Joking, but I do want to do that. He is just so 'UGH', you know? My Monsta X bias is Jooheon and I can't when this guy decided to start being all perfect and crap....I just......Man, I need water.

His eye smile is what got me. I was stabbed in the heart by cupid because of that eye smile. It was to much to handle. I cried, it was so cute!! My iKON bias is B.I. and I just.......Have you seen Bobby's arms? Let me go get that glass of water now.....

*gulps the ocean* Dangit I'm still thirsty..... Anyway, those were my bias wreckers. I can't handle just looking at them, guess how I would react when (if) I meet any of them... . . . . . . . I'd die.

First off, I like to talk. A lot. Its fun. Uhh.....I like kpop and dramas. I'm currently watching some really good ones at the moment. I write fanfictions, purely because I have nothing better to do. I'm a fetus; meaning I am young. Maybe we can be friends? Just ask. •﹏•
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