My Dream

I woke up from a dream this afternoon about the beautiful, talented EXO It was so real, I woke up with tears of joy in my eyes!! and I'm still feeling the buzz. I'm sorry if it's long! It needs to come out!! It started with me going to a drive-thru with my sister driving. It looked really busy inside...there was only a small area to order and a bar with stools to eat at...but it was pretty crowded.

When we got closer I thought I spotted Kyungsoo, but there's no way, right!? Not here! (figures tho, he was my first and ultimate bias for so long!!)

Then I saw my Yeolie behind the counter and my heart stopped. (They're here. It's them.) I finally started showing my "condition" to my sister and she got a little worried...thought I was hurt, or sick. I couldn't think or speak, I just looked at her with bulging eyes and whisperd "Omo. Exo." She knew enough to know who that was and what was going on in my head. So she drove to the door to let me out.

When I finally got out of the car I slowly walked up to Kyungsoo...turns out there weren't too many fans so I got to him pretty easily...I pulled out what little Korean I knew just to introduce myself as their fan, and Chen comes flying out of nowhere, really excited to see an American fan speaking Korean haha. He jumped/rolled over the counter to go the the loud speaker to announce that there was an Exo-L there to see them.

He asked my name, I said it, he cheered it over the loud speaker and all of exo chimed in. I clung to D.O's arm and hid my face a little, because it startled me, and he patted my shoulder with his other hand while chuckling at me. I couldn't see all of them but that's when I spotted Sehun in the corner with a small group of people. I ran over to hug him and he already had his arms out waiting for it. I noticed he was a little chubby, and that made me so happy because I always thought he was a little too thin. haha.

They suddenly had to leave so I quick asked for a picture, but then I realized I didn't have my phone, I left it in the car!! And I had no idea where my sister parked it, I was so fixated on getting to D.O!!! I was scrambling around trying to tell Exo to wait and trying to find the car without loosing sight of them..they were already getting in the van! I finally found the car, got my phone and sprinted back to the van. Some started giggling at me because i didnt have to run, they WANTED to wait to say goodbye! I popped my head in the window to see Chanyeol's grandma in the front with him. Haha, they all smiled and laughed and waved, then I woke up. I don't think I got the pictures in the end lol The greatest dream I ever had. I almost died. What would YOU do if that actually happened?!

My life is eat, work, sleep...and kpop at every spare second 😘
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