Give back to the community!

We all want to give back to the community and true is we can't afford to do as much as we wish. We all would love to save all the dogs in the world and we hate seeing those commercials demonstrating how much dogs can be abused! I have now discovered a possible resolution for you !

I recently discovered colour pop. Love their ultra matte lip but love this idea behind the eyeshadow even more! By buying your usual eyeshadow you'll be donating to BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY! A $5 eyeshadow to help stop the killing of dogs and cats in LA!

This is the organization. I was given a lovely card with my purchase !

The idea of making LA a No kill city by 2017 melts my heart!

This was my eyeshadow looks a bit golden, but tbh I bought it not even looking at the color. I was so excited to help dogs and cats I didn't care what color the shadow was, but I do love the color. I hope you all enjoy this card. I'm really big on helping out and giving back to the community so this really got to me! Please feel free to share your ideas on this matter ! @jordanhamilton@tessStevens@marshalledgar@AlloBaber

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