Guy Plays Violin Using THE FORCE!

So, here's a weird but true fact about me: I play the violin. I started when I was 8 years old, played in two regional orchestras, and currently own three violins - my practice one, my recital one, and an electric one because one year, I attempted to make the violin relevant again by purchasing one that looks like I'm going on tour with Prince.

My three sons. You know, because pics or it didn't happen.


Anyway, it's really hard to make the violin cool, but YouTuber Jeffrey Ding He has got this one down. He actually converted his bow into a LIGHTSABER, setting a precedent for how ALL bows should probably be made from this day forward.


Okay, maybe it's not REALLY a lightsaber, but with just enough video editing magic, Jeffrey's color-changing lightsaber (and 'jedi brown' bathrobe) really enhance this beautiful performance of Star Wars' Force Theme.


Like any good Star Wars fan, he keeps the performance from being simply thus by adding fun franchise details - like the occasional lightsaber sound effect or the appearance of a perfectly angsty Kylo Ren.

Does he simply take a rest mid-song? Or is he momentarily tormented by his Dark Sided emotions?

Way to make this deep, Jeffrey.

Whether you're a Star Wars nerd, a violin nerd, or just someone who likes getting sucked into YouTubes, you're guaranteed to enjoy this cover. Check it out by clicking above!

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