For Having What Others Don't [Part 3]

In the night, all alone in my room I stood staring at the mirror on my wall. I could see clearly at night and I always make the best of it. I look at myself, all I see is a slim, lonely, blind girl in her 20s who can't even help herself to the bathroom. I let out a soft sigh and leaned closer to the mirror. I extend my arm and touched the mirror lightly and suddenly I see:

There was a young woman with black hair inside of a mirror. She was wearing a long white dress and over her head there was a black veil going over her face down to her shoulders and another peace of it extending further to her back which was amazingly longer than most veils. She pulled her self off the floor and touched the mirror with her left hand. Another woman appeared but this one was wearing a black long dress with a white back side going from her shoulders to her feet just as long as the other woman's veil. She touched the mirror where the other woman was and then more mirrors appeared, but they were covered in veils of black and white. Then, all of the veils fall off, each showing the same woman in a white dress, but she didn't have a black veil over her head, instead she had a long smile on her thick lips. The woman in the white veil turned around and then, all of the mirrors started to break, the woman in the white dress ran towards the other woman and stabbed her. But she did not bleed, actually, she just disappeared with the woman in white, along with the mirrors.

When I opened my eyes all I could see is my reflection. I looked at my left hand and touched the mirror with it:

This time, a boy appeared. He looked like a person I know but didn't recognize. He walked closer and extended his hand. It didn't take long to realize that the girl he was holding hands with was me. We walked and walked until he lat go and said "i will come back for you, belive in me". And then I couldn't see anything anymore, all that was there was me and my reflection in the mirror. I smiled and took my hand off the mirror. Confused and afraid of what the first vision was all about and how did it change from creepy to sweet. I looked at my hands and felt the warmth of the boy's hand even though he wasn't there holding it . "Who are you?". I asked myself. I looked back at the mirror but my reflection wasn't there but the woman in the white dress. She looked at me with the same long smile. I closed my eyes, opened them again and she was gone.

I looked around, the walls were black and by every time I closed and opened my eyes they creeped closer to me. Again, again, again and again until I felt trapped in a small box. The box expanded to infinity and then, the boy appeared again. He yelled out my name. I ran towards him but all was gone. All that I saw was my reflection wearing a black veil over her face and touching the mirror with her right hand. I touched the mirror and she looked back at me. She extended her right hand and touched my hair, caressing it slowly and she smiled. Her hands moved faster till it started to hurt. I grabbed her hand but couldn't take it off. "let go!, let go!, please it hurts!!!, please!!!". I moved away and she was gone.

All there was, was me and my own reflection.


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