Unexpected... {A 2min Smut}

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This wasn't how it normally was. It wasn't normally so rushed, it wasn't normally so... so... Minho didn't know the word for it so all he could come up with was hot. It was always hot but it was never this hot, there was never this level of abandon and they always tried so hard to be so cautious. But this? This was downright stupid. And he couldn't care less as he pressed Taemin straight into the wall, his hips between those gorgeous spread legs. It was Taemin who had started it all anyway, Taemin had who had been so warm today, so full of secret eyes and little noises and whispers. It had been Taemin with his greedy fingers and his mile long legs draped over Minho's waist after he had jumped straight into his arms. It had been the way their mouths had brushed because of Taemin, and that was the last straw, sending everything, all of that straight to places it really fucking shouldn't have. And now they were here, here in the locker room, Taemin's shirt shoved up and Minho's hair a mess, both of their mouths red and swollen from too much kissing. Taemin's eyes were still so fucking black, and something in them said 'If you don't take advantage of me right now, you're gonna regret it.' How was Minho supposed to ignore that? How was he supposed to not listen to that? So of course his hips were pressing in a little deeper, his mouth open against Taemin's neck as he tried desperately to get some friction between them, and Taemin's moans were echoing through the empty locker room, bouncing off the metal as Minho's long fingers trailed up his stomach once more. There was something so enticing about it, that was what was different, normally they were sweet and things were light and it was handleable. Boring but handleable. This wasn't handleable. This was making Minho feel like he was losing his mind and and without so much as a beat he was nearly ripping Taemin's fucking tight pants off his little hips. And now he was egging him on with those moans and the greedy pull of his fists in Minho's track jacket. "Minho." Minho had heard his name come from those plush lips so many times, heard him say it in so many ways, but it was nothing like the way it sounded now, nothing like how it sounded moaned out like it just had been. And the way Taemin looked with his hair mussed on his head, his shirt half on, his jacket half off, and his eyes still looking like they were burning, melting, molten, Minho knew that he wouldn't be on time for the next part of filming. Cause he was way too busy right now. Minho got those pants down quickly, so down as far as he could get them would have to suffice, and then Taemin was grunting as he shoved Minho's pants down as much as he could at the awkward angle, so Minho took that over too, getting them down as far as he could before he shoved his fingers into Taemin's mouth And all Taemin could do was comply to that, sucking and laving them, and humming like a slut, leaving Minho praying and praying over and over that no one would come and try to find them. Even that nasty thought wasn't enough to make him stop. It wasn't enough to make him pull away and leave. No he stayed right where he was, his aching member feeling like it might explode with every suck of Taemin's pretty little mouth, twitching in the cool air around them. Thankfully it wasn't long before Taemin was done and like many times Minho was working his fingers up inside the younger boy, cursing under his breath as he watched the way Taemin's eyelids fluttered, watched the way silent gasps fell from his lips and the dying at the way he tightened and then loosened up with every push and press inside. Taemin pressing forward, his mouth pressed flush into Minho's ear, and it sent such a shiver through him it was a miracle the wall wasn't splattered by cum at the moment. The words were by far, more interesting though. "You're gonna fuck me right here Hyung. You're gonna fuck me right here, right where anyone could walk in." Had he been watching porn or something? Had he gone crazy? Or was he just trying to make Minho a fucking animal, cause that was all it did, a low growl rumbling from Minho's chest and he couldn't wait slicking his member with as much saliva as he possibly could - cause he was a gentleman after all - and then pressing up close, his member sliding against Taemin's hole, which was stretched and ready. He waited then, letting Taemin squirm this time and pulling his head back so they were flush, brushing their noses together. Dark eyes met dark eyes, and Taemin's eyebrows were all furrowed, mouth open and ready to spill out a cry of protest at any moment, because he clearly wanted cock and he wanted it now. "Yeah I'm gonna fuck you right here Taemin. I'm gonna make your legs shake and I'm gonna make you cum all over yourself. I'm gonna give you what you need." he panted, and he didn't miss a beat before he pushed up, his dick breaching the tightness and it was his turn for eyelids to flutter, his fingers curling into tight fists in Taemin's shirt as he pushed in. He didn't even get to see Taemin's face because it was far too intense for him right now, he could barely to anything but press their mouths together sloppily, until he was all the way in. He stopped then, pressing his full weight into the younger boy, holding him up like that. Taemin's eyebrows were still furrowed, but it was clear that the pain was passing, his mouth open, and little huffing breaths coming from his throat before he moaned and canted his hips a bit, licking his lips and looking like the most sinful creature on this earth. Then those eyes opened and it got worse, the look in them making Minho's stomach burn as his hips stuttered up without his consent, his eyebrows furrowing too. He was sure he looked needier than he wanted to be at the moment but he couldn't give a shit. He wanted Taemin, that was all he wanted right now and the younger boy was so tight around him it was making him feel lightheaded. He needed to move. No words were spoken though, instead Taemin's mouth pressed flush to his own and the kiss was hotter than any of this had been so far, his tongue lapping and pushing, trying to get into Minho's mouth. That was the last straw and Minho couldn't wait for any other signal, so he did the only thing he could do. The phrase "fucked into a wall" was really the only way to explain how hard Minho's hips were slamming into Taemin's little body. And with every slam, Taemin was pushing up to meet him, arching his amazing, back and panting into Minho's mouth. Their breath mingled, huffing and loud, mixing with the slap of slick skin and the angry noise of the wall grating on their clothing, and all of it echoed loud in Minho's ears, a chorus and a rhythm that he wanted to record and listen to every single minute of every day. But he couldn't do that, so instead he savored it. Savored the feeling, savored how it sounded, savored the fucking amazing pleasure, the amazing feeling of being so deep inside Taemin, surrounded by the tight heat of his muscles. This would be filed into memories under extremely dangerous, only to be pulled back up when he was alone and he needed to get off as quick as fucking possible. For times when Taemin was busy and away and all he had was his hand, then he'd refer to this memory and it wouldn't be so bad. He was sure of that. It got faster, harder and more intense as each second ticked by and they were cutting it closer and closer. The more time that past, the more frenzied it got, mouths biting and licking and sucking, Minho's fingers gripping Taemin so hard he knew that the younger boy would bruise so badly tomorrow. But that was the last thing on Minho's mind as he moaned and his hips pounded in just a little bit harder. And then just as it started, it ended in a frenzy, Taemin's orgasm rocking his little body so hard that Minho couldn't see, his muscles got so tight around Minho's member. It was so hot and Taemin's hips were working as cum splattered his clothes, their clothes, the floor Minho was sure, but that didn't matter cause every push was milking Minho to his orgasm until he yelled out and his hips snapped, heat spilling into the younger boy's body. Their hips didn't stop moving then, working as aftershocks ricocheted through their bodies. Soon enough they slowed down though, but their grips got no less tight, in fact Minho's got even tighter as he slumped into the younger boy, coming down from his high, his toes still curled in his shoes as he panted into Taemin's mouth. A low chuckle came from Taemin's mouth then, his lips spreading into a smile before he pressed forward and kissed Minho. Thankfully that kiss was back to normal and Minho just smiled and hummed into it, kissing him back. "What the hell has gotten into you?" he asked then finally as the kiss broke. But he didn't get an answer, just one of those grins he knew far too well, Taemin's eyes turning into slits - happy or mischievous, Minho couldn't tell. "You like it." was all Taemin had to comment with and... Minho couldn't deny that, so he didn't try. <3


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