Big Bang Scavenger Hunt Entry 1/27/16

Well here are my results for the Big Bang Scavenger Hunt 1/27/16. This one wasn't that hard so that's awesome! I just hope I did everything right cx I had a really fun time searching for these things, even though I should've been working on math homework, oh well this is more important :3 Well I hope you all enjoy and love Big Bang even more ^-^


1. Picture, gif or video of at least one member of BB holding, picking, smelling or wearing flowers.

My favorite song by Big Bang is Sober and I love G-Dragon's smile so I just had to do this gif. Just look at his smile!!!! It's so adorable!!

2. Video or link to song file of your favorite solo track from any BB member.

I wasn't really sure what this one meant since all the other entries that I saw had the actual Big Bang members preforming their solos, so I hope this counts. I really love this song and music video so I just had to do it!


3. Video or gif of BB on Running Man (two or more members must be in the video)

I haven't watched really any episodes of Running Man, but the ones I have seen are hilarious! I haven't seen the ones with Big Bang in it but I bet they'll be very funny so I need to watch them as soon as I can!!!!

4. GD wearing a hat.

G-Dragon seems to be wearing hats all the time so it was pretty easy to find pictures, but I chose this one because the hat is adorable and G-Dragon looks so cute in this picture with his little pouting face and glasses!!! Cx By the way, I want that hat!!!!!

5. Picture or video from Seungri's 2015 birthday.

I love Seungri's cake!!!! I wish I could've been with him on his birthday just so I could steal that cake!!!!! And I guess so I can actually meet him...But the cake!!!! XD

6. Picture, video or gif of something non-BIGBANG that reminds you of BIGBANG and why it reminds you of them.

Okay, when I first saw question 6 the first thing that popped into my head was Rapunzel because G-Dragon has super long hair in Fantastic Baby just like Rapunzel!!!! Actually, when I first saw the MV for Fantastic Baby I made a joke about GD being Rapunzel XD Just think: G-Dragon is Rapunzel, TOP is Pascal, Taeyang is Maximus, Seungri is Flynn, and Daesung is the pan!!!! I would love it so much if people did a drawing of that XD Maybe I will one day cx

7. BIGBANG nail art.

I wish I could do nail art, I would totally do Big Bang themed nails!!!! That sounds so cool!!!!!


8. Video or gif of Daesung laughing.

Basically every gif had Daesung laughing XD He has such a cute laugh!!!!

9. Picture, gif or video of any BB member with a mullet.

Ew, gross. Stahp it GD!!!! No mullets!!!! Mullets don't look good!!!! XP (In my opinion at least!)

10. Mint TOP.

TOP looks so good with mint colored hair!!!! It's just so pretty O.O

11. Pictures, videos or gifs of all five members of BB getting ready backstage.

Wow....G-Dragon is flexible....O.o I hope this video counts! It shows all of the BB members and they're getting ready back stage at the beginning :l


12. Picture, video or gif of Taeyang with at least one child.

Taeyang pictures were so easy to find!!!! He looks so cute with children!!!


Well there you go. I hope I did a good job and I hope whoever looked at this card enjoyed it. I know I had a fun time finding these things. So I hope you all stay fantastic and if you're having a bad day just listen to some Big Bang music! And please enjoy this gif of a little bunny being petted :3 See ya! "And remember, we're all crooked inside. Some of us are just better at hiding it than others."

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