BTS Screenshot Game: Results


So, I *REALLY* love these screenshot games and@AimeeH has a TON of them!! If you love doing these as much as I do, I HIGHLY recommend following her :)


Actually, he WAS my 1st BTS bias, for like a week.

of COURSE I'm going to be friends with someone nicknamed Kookie, I LOVE cookies lol

BAM!! *heart eyes*

I bet it was steamy and passionate, or since he is my best friend it was probably one of those "Let's kiss and see what it's like" awkward type of things lol

I feel so bad that I've friend zoned him. I only have eyes for Hobi!


But why Namjoon?

He wants to do a hip hop routine, I want to do a lyrical routine.... A dancing couple's real struggle lol

But why didn't I get Tae for this one?

I honestly think that Jimin would be amazing to have as a brother!

As usual, if you would not like to be tagged on future cards, please let me know. <3

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