The Dragon who protects the Princess Part 3

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Next Morning, You wake up and look over to your right and see Jiyong Oppa sleeping cutely. You can't help but feel butterflies in your stomach. You were thinking about getting up to make breakfast but you didn't want too because you like the way Jiyong's touch feels against your skin. After about 20 minutes, You decided to get up and go grab an apple, You didn't want too but you wanted to get healthier body. As your eating the apple, You hear foot steps walking towards your direction behind you.

Before you can even turn around, You felt a warm touching feeling embracing your back. You felt tingling in the inside and hot on the outside... You felt a soft warm breath against your left ear,

"Good Morning, Princess... Did you sleep well?" You smile and blush as you look down away from him.

"Yes, I did. Did you Oppa?" You whispered shyly. He smiles and kisses your neck.

"Good, I missed you while I was sleeping.." You look at him with wonder.

"We were sleeping besides each other..."

"Yes, but when you are sleeping sometimes you can't feel somebody and I got scared because I thought you had left me there... So I missed you.." He told you with a smile.

You giggle as you put both of your hands over your mouth. GD takes your hands and spins you around in a circle making you face his direction. You look up at Jiyong, He is blushing very hard, biting his lips as he winks at you... You literally just died inside... xD

He forces your chin upward to stay in place and leans in for a blissful kiss. Even though it was short, You appreciate every moment of his lips touching yours softly. As he pulls back he went back in for a real kiss.

You loved every second of it, He keeps kissing you and kissing you, He sets his hands on your hips as your hands wrap and his neck. You grab his collar of his shirt and pull on it making him coming in closer and closer to your lips. Eventually he picks you up with his arms, making your legs to wrap around his waist. You felt his excitement against your stomach. He walks over into the room with you around his body.... He sets you down on the bed roughly as he lays next to you, You liked it but you were very nervous by his actions.

He looks at you with setting eyes, "Don't worry, I won't "disturb" you.." You cock an eyebrow as he strokes your face... "You look beautiful without makeup and your hair all tied up..." You blush as you touch his cheek and stroke your hand from your cheek down to his neck. He looks at your hand with his corner of his eyes and looks back at you.

You close your eyes as you try to think of GD asking you out and being a celebrity's girlfriend. You blush and moan as you think of the moment. You open up to your eyes to see GD staring at you sexually. "Hey, How would you like to go to my BigBang concert this Saturday? And I can give you and a friend backstage tickets? Maybe your Mother I don't know.." He asked you shyly yet with a dash of confidence.

"I'd love too go Oppa..." You squeled excitingly. "Great, Well I better get cleaned up. Do you mine if I use your shower?" You point to the door across the hall, "Over there.. Want me to start it for you?" "Umm yeah sure, Thanks Princess." He tells you as he pinches your cheeks. You get up and start the shower for Oppa, You turn around tell GD but you look up to see GD staring at you with a blank expression. "Thanks" He tells you as you walk out of the door and closing it. As Oppa is taking a shower you decided to get on your phone and listen to BigBang songs because you have nothing else to do if your a Kpopfangirl XD.

After about an hour which felt like years, You see GD walk into the room with only pants on, No Shirt!!! You look at his six pack and can't help but drool a little as you listen to "Crayon" by GD.

GD looks at you with a smile and he purposally poses and flexs for you... You fangirl at loud as if you were at a BigBang concert. He walks over to you and gives you a kiss on the cheek. You blush hardly as he sits next to you and lays his head against your shoulder. "Hey, Oppa...." You said to him quietly. "Yes, Princess?"

"Can I be the leader of your fanclub?" He laughs at you hardly as if he were dieing. "Of course, Princess." He tells you shyly as he kisses your forehead and hugs you....

Why do you kill me with the feels?!?!

Ugh Oppa!!!!!

My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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