Okay, What the Hell is NCT


We know SM is forming a new boy group but this is RIDICULOUS.

Here's what Lee Soo Man said:

different teamsdifferent countriesmovement of members and new recruits

*is this going to be like AKB48?!

won’t be a set member numberspringSouth East Asia region and Latin America.

There are at least going to be FORTY MEMBERS.



They released their first teasers but no words as to what teams these guys will be on. Will they be the Korean team? Are they representing multiple teams? WHO KNOWS!!

The teasers are wacky...

You can watch themherebut here is my breakdown:

SM_NCT #1. The Origin

(slide right to view more images)

~really calming but at the same time, dramatic music~

- It all starts with a little boy in the middle of the desert on what seems to be an alien planet (is that EXO planet in the distance?)

- A plants a red flag in the sand and starts drawing the landscape on a burnt old piece of paper.

(slide right to view more images)

- Then a gorgeous girl shows up and offers him colors to draw with (previously he had only black to work with) and he draws an ocean.

- They walk through the desert together and at one point he throws his drawing in the air as a paper airplane

- In that moment, the girl disappears in a sandstorm.

(slide right to view more images)

- When she disappears he faints and starts to have violent flash forwards? flashbacks? to what can only be the members of NCT (It's unclear if he's a member or not...)

- Suddenly his eyes get wide and he realizes he's standing in water.

- The ocean he drew came true!

~end of teaser~

SM_NCT #2. Synchronization of Your Dreams

- We're in a dark room (that we saw in the child's flash forwards)

- There is a boy laying there in a bed filled with sand. Sand falls from his hands, his hair, its all over the floor.


- He leads us out of the room into the light and suddenly there are leather jackets and he's drippin' swaggoo and its weird.

- We meet the other 4 members in this weird warehouse.


second member

hiding half of his face

next boy


The teaser ends in this empty run-down bath house with all five members together.

With the song that just keeps repeating "OPEN YOUR EYES" it's almost hypnotizing...

~end teaser~

Questions I have:

Will it be like EXO 2.0? Will the EXO and NCT stories be intertwined?

Who is the woman in the Origin?

I think the little boy is Taeyong because he is what the falshback/forward was to...but why was he a boy in the middle of the desert?

What did you guys think?

Too similar to EXO? Too exciting for words?

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