Eric Passed a Movie Offer to Prevent Mockery from Shinhwa Members

While honored to be considered for a big movie role, Shinhwa’s Eric revealed that he turned it down because he was afraid the Shinhwa members would make fun of him. On May 9, the Shinhwa members returned as guests for MBC’s Radio Star, where they showed off their well-rounded variety skills. There, the Shinhwa members were ranked from poorest to richest and Eric turned out to be the poorest Shinhwa member due to his lack of activities. Eric revealed that he was offered a role in a very good movie, but ended up rejecting it. “There was a scene where I would have to play the piano in the nude on top of a glass floor with the moonlight shining on it,” explained Eric. “I couldn’t do it because of that scene.” Although he regretted passing the role, Eric added, “It was pretty obvious that it would become something the members would tease me about for ten years.” Credit: enews. HAHAH I can't imagine Eric being naked while playing piano on top of a glass floor. lmao. lol. that's just so... wrong? hahah. Of course he would get teased because of it it. Not even 10 years, more like for his whole life. But I'd love to see him in a movie nonetheless, hurry up and pick a role Eric!

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