Calvin Klein's Spring 2016 Campaign Heats Things Up

Calvin Klein is back and it's better.

Over the past couple of years CK has resurfaced and definitely rebranded itself as the designer trend that everyone needed in their wardrobe. It's only right that the brand created a spring campaign that presents all of Calvin Klein's pieces together -- from lingerie to denim.

Some of your favorite celebrities had the opportunity to shoot for this amazing campaign including The Beibs to Kendall Jenner. CK is known for being super sexy and fresh -- and the campaign is all of the above, highlighting the question, 'What would you do in your calvin's?' -- don't worry, you don't have to answer right away. Keep scrolling to check out a sneak peek of the campaign below.

How perfect was that quick peek of the campaign?

What do you do in your Calvin's?

Leave a comment below.

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