Chapter Three

               Her eyes fluttered open and they slowly began to adjust to the light of the camp fire.              “Good, You have awoken.”               She yawned. “Not fully. Still a little tired.”               “Fair enough. If you need anything, have no hesitation in asking such of me.”             “Actually, she began, I think that I need some fresh air.”               “Ah, you wish to take a “walk”. Feel free.”              She gave me an odd look, then walked into the forest. As she did, my attention turned to the fire. I had always been fascinated by one of His gifts to the Ash Race. I had a certain extent of control over it, and I was immune to its scathing power. I picked it up, and rolled it over my palm absentmindedly. Hearing a snap, I put the fire back in its hearth, and turned to the forest.                The instant that I did so, a rather sharp stick found itself lodged within my throat. I turned to the girl, who had stabbed it in, and shook my head. Slowly I pulled it out, seeing the dark blood dripping from my throat, forming a puddle on the ground.              Seeing this, the girl screamed. “Who, no what are you! You aren't human, I just don’t  understand! Why can't anything normal happen to me… I just don't understand… She began sobbing uncontrollably.              I looked at her, realizing that this whole experience must have been mentally traumatizing for her.              “If you had but waited for a little while longer instead of making me, you would have been graced with explanation”, I said cooly.           She stared at me, her face crumpled on confused agony. “Why does nothing normal happen to me?”, she bawled. I shifted uneasily. I was not particularly adapted to communicating sympathy. I awkwardly patted her shoulder. There is no need for you to be distraught. I will help you to make sense of this.            “You see, I began, you humans, the Ash Race, have always been one of His crowning achievements, and as such, I feel the need to destroy all of you. Understood?  Now, the reason that I haven't killed you yet is because I have need of your services. You are not human. You are a Minæ. You Control the fabric of reality. You have the capability to be an angel or a demon. The choice is not yours. You will be a demon, and you will serve me and my master.”           She had paled considerably more than I had originally assumed possible. “That explains nothing…” She protested in a small voice.            “It explains everything that is currently relevant your situation. Come.” I dragged her to the fire. “Get in.” She protested in vain, because at that moment I cared nothing of her safety. Her scream rang out shrill in the air as I threw her in the fire.

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