Agent Krystal Chapter 12/?

Helli and welcome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so glad you are all enjoying it! I'm having a blast writing it!

The big day had finally come. They were on their way to stop a war. JJ held Raven's hand as the took off, exhaling a breath. He always hated take offs the most. Once in the air he was fine, just relaxing. "Mommy, you're sure this will work?" He asked, tilting his head in curiosity. JJ trusted her, but still he worried. He hated the thought of loosing even one of the people he'd met in the few weeks he'd been helping the mutants. He wrapped strong protection magic on all of them, especially Raven. He had no clue what he might do if she got hurt. Charles was straining his mind, making the russians stop the missiles they were about to shoot from the borders of cuba. Krystal was helping as much she could, but the best she could do was was be an amplifier for his already strong power. "I know Charles. It's gonna be okay." She reassured softly, rubbing his shoulders. The more contact she had with him, the less strain his power would have on him.

Meanwhile, Charles was speaking to Erik, who was already on the enemy mutant submarine. "I can't find him! He's not here!" Erik yelled, not finding Schmitt. He was hiding in a strongly walled radioactive room hidden at the fake end of the ship. When Erik finally figured it out, he barged in looking annoyed. While he agreed with Schmitt to an extent, he didn't agree with his methods. Even if humanity treated mutants like dirt, the deserved at least a fighting chance against them. Once Erik was in, Charles stopped the older mutant in his tracks. Erik pulled the helmet off of Schmitt, watching as the other just stood there frozen. "You ruined my life, but If you can hear me, I want you know that I agree with you." that would be the last thing Schmitt ever heard though, because Erik put the helmet he'd taken from him on and put a Nazi coin through his skull. The same one that caused his mother's death.

Emotions were high as Erik emerged from the submarine wearing the helmet. Charles could no longer stop him from what he was about yo do. "Erik, you can't do this! They deserve a chance to see their errors!" he pleaded, watching in horror as the other sent a bullet straight at the CIA operative who had been helping them. Charles took it instead, and Krystal ran to his aid. She easily got the bullet out and healed him. He wouldn't need a wheelchair anytime soon. "Humans can't be trusted. We deserve the right not to hide." Erik retorted flatly, aiming all the artilliary that the military had just sent at them back at the military. He planned to kill them all. Before Erik could act though, a tornado of shadows came at the missiles, encapsuling them in its funnel. "Erik, I know exactly how you feel, but Humans deserve another cgance. not everyone is bad." Krystal told him cooly, the artillary exploding safely in the protection of her magic. None would die today.

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