My RED Hair Boy♡ Mark☆

Tell me if I am wrong.. But when we think about Mark don't We picture him with his Red hair? because I do..I mean not that the other colors that he has tried don't fit him..He looks good anyway in my opinion.. But there is something about the Red that makes him look better.. what do you think? I think he looks the best with his Red ,Red hair. .I miss it.

Red really goes with him.. and most of those fanfiction people write about him, they always call him the Red hair..haha.I think is not only me the likes it .

(sigh) So handsome. .

Hey the boy looks good with his natural hair color He is just drop dead gorgeous. ♡♡♡ @PrettieeEmm@HuonTreeRoo@Helixx@SarahVanDorn@SusiBosshammer@sosoaloraine23@VeronicaArtino@sarangseoltang@EmilySavage@kpopisnylife@MichelleIbarra@XionHeart@LenaBlackRose@kpopdeluxegirl@KpopGaby@UnnieCakesAli@MaricelvaRomero@marisamusic@Mariadelzam@Sunnawalo@ChelseaGarcia@Nikkitty@biancadanica98@TerraToyaSi@KeziahWright@DianaNajera@StefaniTre@Sherrysahar@SharayahTodd@angelblue@ChaHakyum@AaliyahNewbell @bbyitskatie@Chocolat09@KpopQueenaBee@Aletheawan

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