New Tron Game? OKAY, LET'S DO IT.

I haven't played many Tron games. I don't think I've played any Tron games. Have there been any Tron games other than that arcade cabinet where every player controls a light cycle and you have to not die? I don't know. I don't care. But I'm so down with Tron I can't even say no to this game.

Even though the teaser is less than 20 seconds long, I'm still really pumped for it. I'm too fond of running games (you know where you just head in one direction forever until you get all of the points and stuff or something). And Tron Run/r looks like that exact game set in the Tron universe which is really just inside of a computer.

But, this will probably be the game that breaks me into that whole genre. I wonder if this'll be a game that'll come out on mobile as well as console or PC. I'm not too sure if I'm even right about the whole run-game-thing but with a name like Run/r (runner), I don't see what else this game could be.

Tron Run/r will be available on February 16th, 2016.

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