Jin ft The Rest Of BTS


Ok, so I think this the first card I made of Jin by himself or at all & I decided to make this card about Jin since I made one for Namjoon the other day & I plan to make cards for the other members as well! This card will be short because I really don't know what to say about Seokjin! I wanted to make this card because ONE I don't think I personally appreciate him enough and TWO I feel like he's just not appreciate enough unless his has food in his mouth! (Eat Jin)! Jin is getting so much better with his dancing, I'm so proud of him! He's always going to that awkward dancer that we love (NamJoon as well) lol! His singing has improved so much that I wish he would get more parts to sing because ONE his singing is amazing and TWO V JM & JK need a brake from singing so damn much! Hopefully he'll get to sing more! 사랑해 김석진 ❤

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