A Game I Should've Played Back Then: Legend of Dragoon

Suspicious man-bot synth replicant legionnaire@paulisadroid wrote about some games he'd wished he'd played back when they were brand-new. In thinking about this topic a few games come to mind, but one of them more than the others.

That game is Legend of Dragoon, a JRPG that was originally released on the Playstation in 1999. It was a different approach to JRPGs than Final Fantasy was offering on the same platform. The battle system was unique and the game was pretty to boot.

The concept of Dragoon transformations and Dragoon spirits is really cool to me the way it's been explained to me. I've never played this game at all, so everything I know or like about it comes secondhand from people I know who have.

I've seen emulators that have it and it was released on PSN for PS3 a few years ago, but I just don't have it in me to go back to playing games from that era. There's really only so far back I can go anymore, because I am too spoiled on the graphical quality of games today.

If they ever get a remake, like so many fans clamor for, then I'll play that. Until then, though, this is just a game I wish I'd played when it was new.

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