Careful: Makeup In Sunlight vs. Shade

Before you get spendy on your lipsticks (and makeup in general), always consider what the product will look like in both the sunlight and the shade. Also, just because it looks amazing at the cosmetic counter, under the best lighting, doesn't mean it's going to read when you get to the office on Monday, working under those gross fluorescent bulbs from the 1950s.

It's not enough to look good on your skin, it has to look good in a variety of lighting conditions.

These are the same colors shown in the first product photo. As you can see, you cannot buy a lipstick based on magazine pictures or what you see online. Test everything!

I like to see what@DupeThat has going on because they are always testing makeup in a variety of conditions.

As you can see, the look of these beautiful lipsticks can change dramatically just by going from the sunshine to complete shade. That's what happens. There's no escaping it. So determine what look you want based on the conditions you'll be under. If you're going to be in full sunshine, most of the day, then base it on that criteria.

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