Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 news! wait what...?

After the release date of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 has been revealed, it seems its not what exactly fans have been waiting for.

Early reports have already revealed a 2016 spring release date for the highly anticipated "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3. According to MoviePilot, FUNimation boss Gen Fukunaga has revealed that a release date will come sometime spring 2016. Gen Fukunaga hinted....

fans still seem to be confused about what's coming for the 2016 release date announcement. Apart from "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3, it is said that the storyline for the next chapter will be a reboot instead of a continuation from the previous season......

if the 2016 release date, the latest season 3 of "Tokyo Ghoul" will be a reboot. However, a fan pointed out that that a reboot is necessary to keep "Tokyo Ghoul" afloat. Posting on TokyoGhoulWikia, the fan pointed out, "I'm personally hoping for a reboot for the entire anime."

"At this point, with how much plot and character critical stuff got cut even in the first season, a third season will be an utter trainwreck," commented the fan. "There's no way they can pull off ':re' even if they keep up the original story route."

With all the ruckus about the upcoming plot of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3, Inquisitr pointed out that the possibility of a reboot remains floating......

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Does this concern anyone else ? I really hope we continue with the original story line and move to re....... but this was announced today (read below)

Studio Pierrot is considering on making a Tokyo Ghoul Reboot, and it is said to focus on one of the series main protagonist, Touka Kirishima.....

The season 3 reboot will be focusing on Toka Kirishima's story. The 18-year-old ghoul is known as Ken's training partner in the series. There could be more than what the fans expected for this anime.

Madhouse is known to be a great animation company and reports are saying that they will take over the anime series from Pierrot.

According to Movie Pilot that the CEO of FUNimation Entertainment, Gen Fukunaga, has confirmed that this year, fans will again see their favorite anime with a new season. Season 3 is expected to be released within 2016......

In our previous report, "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 has been confirmed by FUNimation, although some fans are disappointed to not get a reboot which many speculated that Studio Pierrot is highly considering of making a reboot of the said franchise.....

Gen Fukunaga, the CEO and President of FUNimation Entertainment revealed that "Tokyo Ghoul" will start airing new episodes in 2016.....

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Ok so looks like there will be a season 3 in 2016 and we already knew that ...... but what exactly will the season 3 be about???? its just floating around not totally confirmed yet i really hope its RE and they continue with the original story......... what do you guys think? are you guys sad? happy? confused? what? id love to know!

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