Time for a Trip!2

Ok well, heres part 2@Helixx! It will progress more later on, i'm still buiding their relationship! :P part 2!

You hesitate a moment before taking Jiyong’s hand in the universal sign of greeting. “So um…hi?” You say again, shaking his hand and bowing. He quickly does the same, still smiling. “ “Thank you for joining us today.” Jiyong says, looking you in the eye and making you blush a bright red. Before you can say anything the PD of RM comes over and grabs your attention. “Is it really alright with you and your friends to join us today?” His English wasn’t as fluent as GD’s, but you understood him well enough. “Of course! I watch RM all the time. This is like a dream come true!” You say, smiling happily and laughing at his shocked expression. Sarah and Melanie come closer, giving you back up which you greatly appreciated. “It’s true. She watches it all the time.” Melanie agreed, nodding her head while leaning against Sarah. The height difference between the three of you was big. Sarah was 5 foot eleven, you were five foot four, and Melanie was just under five feet. So it wasn’t surprising for Sarah to use you or Melanie as a prop, or vice versa. “And she’s always talking about the funny stuff that happen on the how.” Sarah added, smiling encouragingly at you. “Tell them Y/N.” You hesitate a moment and force yourself to not glance at Jiyong. “It’s true.” You say at last, smiling sheepishly at the RM members shocked expressions. “I watch it every night, and re-watch my favorite episodes.” Looking at Yoo Hyuk you grin broadly. “I loved Family outing too!” Kim Jong Kook claps and sticks out his hand and bows as well. You laugh and feel much better, knowing you would be on the same team as The Tiger. Hearing some murmuring you realize that the PDs are whispering to each other, and the thought occurs to you that they hadn’t expected for the members to find foreigners willing to spend the day with the members so quickly. While RM had been including foreigners more often in their show, they didn’t usually have them for the whole show. Ignoring the PDs you look at your team and nudge your friends so they would stop eye wandering and pay attention. “So whats the theme/mission today?” Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Hyuk smile. “The goal is to find the golden microphone by completeing various missions. The first one was finding the members of BigBang, TaeYang-“ “TOP and G Dragon.” You slap your hand over your mouth and stare wide eyed at your friend Melanie. While you would have finished it, your friend had beat you to it. And she wasn’t even a k-pop fan!

She notices you staring at her and winks. “Well, you talk about them often enough, of course I’ll recognize them on sight!” You feel a sense of accomplishment at her remark. “You’re a fan of BigBang too?” Yoo Jae Sukasks, holding out his hand for a hand shake as well. The rest of RM were getting drinks of water and talking to each other while Top, TaeYang, G Dragon, Jong Kook and Jae Suk were focused on you and your friends. “She’s a huge fan!” Sarah announces, grabbing your shoulders tightly. You freeze before struggling once Melanie reaches for your pocket. “Hey! You guys!!! Knock it off!” You protest weakly, noticing that you had everyone’s attention and not wanting to cause a bigger scene. Luckily the crowd of strangers the RM always draws was far enough away, due to BigBangs security measures, that your embaressment wasn’t public knowledge. “Aha!” Melanie steps back in triumph. You gape in shock not expecting her to grab your phone. “What the hell are you doing?” You demand, reaching to grab your phone only for Melanie to dart towards G Dragon and Top to hide. “Helping you!” She retorts while scrolling through your phone. “And it’s the last song you listened to, too! This is the one I like most from the songs she plays all the time.” Within a few seconds Bang Bang Bang was playing. “It’s a few years old, but I love the…” she pauses and fast forwards the song to the chorus. “BANG BANG BANG!” She pumps her fist and grins happily. Looking around she notices the shocked faces on everyone. Laughing she shrugged. “That’s my favorite part!” You hide your face as Sarah grabs your phone as well. “Let me find my favorite song…” Within seconds Knockout by Top and G Dragon started to play, and you laugh weakly as the two men make a ‘woah’ sound. Sarah hums along to the song as she looks through your phone some more. “OH! You play this one a lot at the club!” She tapped your phone and Good Boy started playing and YB made an ‘oh’ sound before he and GD simultaneously start doing the dance. They might be a few years older but they are still very into their music. You watch them for a few seconds before giving into temptation and joining them. You had spent hours practicing this dance for at the club, wanting it to be perfect. All the RM members had gathered around at the sound of the music and the ooh’d and ahh’d before starting to dance as well, and soon everyone, including the audience, forgot about the possibility of cameras recording everything and instead focused on dancing and having a good time. Until MC Yoo brought everything back into focus.

“Okay!” He started in english, clapping his hands and smiling happily. You laugh, slightly out of breath, and try not to fan girl out at the fact that you had just been dancing to Good Boy with GD and YB!!! Melanie stops the music so Yoo wont have to yell to be heard.“What do we do now?” He asks in Korean, you can understand a few of the words, but once the PD and all of the RM members start talking at once, in spit fire Korean, your as confused as your friends. “Now the three girls will choose which team to join, and you’ll go to the next destination.” The PD says, motioning for you and you friends to make your choices. You blink before inching towards GD and Jong Kook. Luckily, your friends know you very well and have it covered. “I’ll go with Top!” Melanie exclaims, smiling up at the oldest BigBang Member with the light purple hair. “Whose in your team?” “Lee Gwang Soo, and Yoo Hyuk.” Top replys while holding out his hand for a hand shake as Yoo Hyuk and Gwang soo both come forward to greet Sarah properly as well. Melanie smiles and nods while shaking their hands. Looking at Gwang soo she smiles before saying very sweetly, “If you betray me, I will eliminate you. Got it?” Gwang soo does his smile shocked face and backs up while all of RM belly laugh all around her. She might be small but she’s deadly. You grin before turning to watch Sarah and Taeyang. “I’ll go with you, if that’s alright?” She asks, smiling happily at Taeyang. You blush as you remember all of the topless videos you had shown her of him. Sarah had a weakness for good abs. “Of course. I’m TaeYang. Ji Suk Sin and HaHa are in my group.” He holds out his hand and Sarah shakes it before also greeting Suk Jin and HaHa. She leaned in and smiled at HaHa. “You’re my favorite of all the episodes she’s shown me.” He mock gasps before closing his eyes tightly. You can hear him muttering about not being a playboy anymore and shake your head. After a few more minutes of everyone talking the PD directed your groups to enter your cars to go to the next destination, which was already placed into the navigation system for you. You head to the car with the members of your group, nervous and excited, unable to believe that you were about to spend time with GD, and also take part in Running Man! GD, ever the gentleman, opens the door for you and you bow before getting in. Sliding over you make room for him to also enter, while Jong Kook and Ji Hyo sit in the front. You stare in surprise at all the cameras. Sure, you’ve seen them on the show, but it’s different seeing them in person. “So, you’ve been a fan of BigBang a long time?” Jong Kook starts the conversation, breaking the silence. You hesitate, not wanting to make Jiyong uncomfortable but you can’t lie. “For a really long time.” “VIP?” GD asks with a smile, buckling his seat belt before turning to give you his full attention. You nod happily. “Mhm. Proud VIP.” Ji-Hyo joins the conversation for the first time, she doesn’t speak english much on running man. “You have favorite song?” “Oh, I don’t have a favorite. But I really like listening to If You, Don’t Go Home, and Good Boy.” You admit, smiling before buckling your seat belt as well. GD makes a humming sound before leaning closer to you. “Your friend mentioned a club?” You blink before turning red. “My club. I went to business school and opened a club in Y/City. None of the clubs play foreign music, like Korean, german, French, African, Italian, Japanese. So, knowing that a lot of people would enjoy that I saved up to start my own club. Every night is a different country, and suggestions are accepted. The regular is k-pop because….well I own the place. But while I’m gone the club is closed. It’s still too new for me to have a staff there while I’m gone.” You lapse into silence as you realize the car had gotten quiet. Jiyong turns and faces you fully. “You own a business? And your on vacation with it closed?” He asks, his face scrunching up adorably in concern. You nod, smiling slightly. “Yup. I saved up for years to start it, and get the alchohol license and property, plus the music I need permission to play.” He tilts his head slightly before asking his next question. “And your on vacation? Are we interrupting it? Is that okay?” he asks, leaning back a little. “Oh, it’s fine! I won a trip, and I was able to come to my favorite country.” “Korea is your favorite country?” He asks with surprise obvious on his face. You nod, before grinning at his shocked look. “Hey, it’s amazing. If I could I would move here. But that would involve too much effort, so visiting is perfect.” You say with a sigh before looking out the window. “Korea is an amazing country. So many different things to do. Great sights and people.” GD continues to stare at you while you look out the window before smiling softly to himself and turning to talk to Jong Kook and Ji Hyo. You mentally shake yourself free of the grasp of his presence to focus on the game. You love running man, and it would devastate you if you embarrassed yourself on the show. As if sensing you inner turmoil GD reaches over and holds your hand, making you jump before smiling over at him in gratitude. He smiles back before holding out his other hand. “Can I see your phone for a minute?” You hesitate, knowing his picture was the background on your phone and not sure what his reaction would be to seeing it. He wiggles his fingers and smiles his huge smile before laughing. “I promise to give it back.”

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