Seventeen 30-Day Challenge

Day 6.

My Own Sub-Unit.

Rapper would be Vernon! Of course. Mr. PullUpOnYouWacks himself. I love him and he is so cute.....and he is growing up. Have you seen him lately?!? OH MY GAWD!!! (Sorry baby Vernon, I had too)

Singer would be my Seungkwanie!!! I have to have him in the group. Boonon must be complete! (Shipz for lyfe!) And plus, I have to have his vocalizing skills.

Dancer would have to be my Hoshi! Naega Hosh!!! We need this guy's skill and his sexiness (even though he is a fetus as heck!) #BoyNeedsToQuitIt. #GoToChurch #JamJam #ChoreoWasNotOkay #HadMeDyingAndCrap

And as a bonus, I have to have Wonwoo on my team. I wouldn't be complete without his beautiful deep voice in my life. He could sing with Seungkwan as a harmony. (Have you heard him sing?!? BEAUTIFUL!!)

First off, I like to talk. A lot. Its fun. Uhh.....I like kpop and dramas. I'm currently watching some really good ones at the moment. I write fanfictions, purely because I have nothing better to do. I'm a fetus; meaning I am young. Maybe we can be friends? Just ask. •﹏•
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