Understanding Your Skin - Adverse Reactions

Hello all! I've been reading through comments on beauty websites, talking with friends, and seeing cards here on vingle and I've noticed that a lot of people are having adverse reactions to "all natural" products that they've been using or have tried. So I decided to create a card explaining a little bit about why.

literally everything is a chemical, you are entirely made up of chemicals, everything you know is made up of chemicals

So don't panic about chemicals or names of ingredients that you cannot pronounce. We've got plenty of regulations in place that are constantly being improved on for your safety; you can't sell a product that nobody is willing to wear.

Alright so now that we've gotten that out of the way onto different types of adverse reactions. The most common adverse reaction I hear about is when someone tries an "all natural" skincare or makeup product and their skin gets angry at them. There's a really simple reason for this: If you have allergies to plants then chances are your skin is not going to take well to "all natural" products. Which can be sad when you're trying to get on trend or you enjoy the scent/colour/texture of a product. BUT now that we've learned that chemicals are not big bad nasty villains that they've been made out to be; you can feel better about using other products. (As long as they're ethically produced and not tested on animals SAVE THE BUNNIES!). Also fun tip: If you find that you've had an allergic reaction to a product you can treat it the same way you treat your seasonal sniffles, with a benedryl and plenty of water.

Adverse Reaction Situation #2: You've used the same product for YEARS and suddenly your face/body/hair is RAGING AT YOU.

One of two things has happened: Either YOUR body chemistry changed or the chemistry of the product has changed.

"But Eunnie! I don't feel any different and I don't look any different and all of my other products work just fine!" Well my little fluffernutter the fact is that your body chemistry still changes every 7-10 years. I'm talking about there's not a single cell in your body that you had ten years ago. You're constantly in a state of being no more than ten years old on a cellular level. THAT'S SO FREAKING WEIRD RIGHT?! *ahem* Sorry, *adjusts glasses*. This change is more dramatic during puberty (which actually lasts into your early twenties, let me know if you want me to make a card about that) so we tend to not recognize any other changes we go through. Cellular regeneration is still consistently happening regardless of appearance (sneaky little cells) and while most of your newer cells may be totally fine with all the ingredients in your favorite products some may be a little less happy about them. Good news is you could probably try the same product again in seven years and it might work fine again!

"But Eunnie they didn't change the packaging and the listed ingredients are the same! They couldn't have changed the composition of the product!" (If you're convinced of that and can't be dissuaded then please refer to option number one.) Chemical composition within a product is a constantly changing process. There's some more political reasons for changing the chemical composition of a product: budget, availability of ingredients, customer complaints, etc. And there's also some more social reasons for change such as customer feedback and market interest. Most times product ingredients aren't changed but rather the amounts or percentages of certain ingredients are changed/adjusted. In this case the ingredient list on the back of the bottle will look the same as the previous containers because, well, it's all the same stuff. On the same topic I do want to let you know that there are sometimes "Quality Control Issues" where certain batches of products don't work as well as others or are contaminated (don't be afraid of that word it just means that the product isn't exactly as it's intended to be, it doesn't mean there's some sort of virus or bacteria in it. It's like if you ask me to put two cups of sugar into the lemonade and I put three (or one), I've contaminated the lemonade.) If it's a product you really adore and have never had a problem with before it's worth purchasing a duplicate, perhaps from a different retailer. In some cases if you call the customer service line of the company directly they'll send you a duplicate product as long as you send the one you used back.

Adverse Reaction vs Allergic Reaction vs Unrelated Reaction vs Chemical Burn Reaction

Within the realm of adverse reactions there are many different symptoms and I want you to be aware of certain symptoms. Firstly adverse means it had a different effect than intended. So in this pure form of the definition it would be like that time I got the same shade of foundation for years (it was PERFECT) and one day when I ran out and I went to go get the same shade it was suddenly orange (WHO WANTS TO BE ORANGE!? Sidenote: This statement is not intended to hurt or offend any Oompa Loompas that may be reading this card). I've never been so disappointed in my life.

On to Allergic Reactions: These can vary but usually involved redness and dryness. If you've used a product around an orifice (holes in your anatomy like nostrils, mouth, etc) or mucus membrane (tear ducts) there will usually be swelling. If you experience these symptoms STOP USE OF THE PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY and at the first available opportunity wash the effected area. I DON'T CARE IF YOU JUST CREATED A PERFECT CAT EYE YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE YOUR EYES WASH YOUR **** FACE! Until the irritation is gone refrain from using any products on the effected area. (Sidenote: if you experience an allergic reaction from a cleanser rinse with warm water for several minutes)

Next Unrelated Reactions: Stress, fatigue, dehydration, and lack of nutrition effects everyone on a cellular level. That being said if a product isn't working well check your health because your immune system might be kicking back the product because it's trying hard to survive and can't differentiate enemies from friends. Get some sleep and drink some water starshine and then come back to the product to see if you still have an adverse reaction.

Chemical Burn: If you experience ANY of the following: severe redness, burning, peeling, cracking, swelling, tenderness, pain, or increased sensitivity IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THE PRODUCT AND GET IT OFF OF YOU! You are experiencing what in a blanket term is referred to a chemical burn. It doesn't sound fun because it isn't. You are (sometimes irreparably) damaging your skin. I don't care how good it looks you're not going to have a face to put stuff on if you keep that up.

I really hope this card helps you understand a little bit more about your skin and a little bit more about your skincare/makeup. If you have any questions let me know and if you have any inquiries that you would like to see made into a card let me know. In the meantime, stay awesome and feeling yourself!


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