Random Facts About Me (Raquel Edition)!!

I was tagged by a friendly Vingler named@AlyssaGelet818 !! Thank you for the tag and let's get the show on the road, shall we?!

1) I love eggnog!!! Yes I do! :D my family isn't quite fond of my love for the delicious drink but hey I love it so :p haha

2) For those who don't know me (or didn't know this about me), I was born on Thanksgiving! So no turkey for my mother that day hahah cx

3) I am taking 7 periods in school! Fortunately, I like my classes so there's no complaining there ^^

4) I can eat 2 big bags of chips by myself. That's my reality since, for some odd reason, I love chips. Especially Takis, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and etc.

5) I love green tea!!!! There's nothing better, for me, than to wake up smelling the tea in the morning ^^

6) I love anime and playing video games. I'm an addict when it comes down to these two things hahah I don't pay attention to the countless amount of hours I spend on watching anime or playing games.

7) I'm the youngest child out of 5. I have 3 brothers, 1 sister, and a half-sister (whom I know nothing about). So technically out of 6.

8).I can speak 3 languages! :D Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English. I'm currently learning French, Korean, and Japanese ^^ I'm not fluent in French, Korean, and Japanese but I'll get there cx I'm still learning how to read and write in Chinese (Mandarin).

9) I am currently in Acappella (Choir) at school. Yeah for some reason I ended up there for second semester xD hahaha

10) I love my elders! I have a deep respect for my elders (brothers are a whole different story!) Which is why I'm not very good at cursing in front of them.

11) I'm a meheesian (Mexican-Asian)! Hahah I'm just kidding but I'm American with Mexican parents ^^

12) I did community service by helping Norma Torres on her campaign when I was in middle school :) She is the member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 35th district!! She was so kind ^^

12) I love wearing big sweaters. I mean who doesn't! It's comfortable :D

13) I can't wear earrings. I hate them, period. I love how they look but it really, really hurts so I just don't try cx

14) My sister, some of our friends, and I have a dance group that focuses on....KPOP! Yeah it is intense sometimes xD

15) Salads are amazing! Salads are life ^°^

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I love learning different languages! I also love listening to different music but my favorite is classical music (^▽^)I love cooking, dancing, singing, reading, drawing, and being myself (≧∇≦)/ I'm weird but yes sir I'm one of a kind!! ^^ I hope to meet people and interact with them because as humans, that's how we communicate ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ (All dishes I upload are not my own recipe nor most images I upload).
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