The Ultimate Kpop Sleepover Screenshot Challenge!

So me and my roomie kita were sitting here and came up with a scenario in which we decided to make a screenshot game out of. This game includes the groups Big Bang, Infinite, BTS, Boyfriend, VIXX, and F(x). All the groups come over for a sleepover! Dont forget to tag me in the results! Its about to get crazy!

Shows up first

Brings Party Favors

Questions why you still have a christmas tree up.

Eats all the food

Their Kigu is inside out!

Gets Drunk

Takes over the Xbox

Hides the wine

Suggests Karaoke

Wins Karaoke

Clogs the toilet

Spends most of the night chillin in the bathtub

Finds the panic room

Is afraid of the dark

Loud Enough to get the police called

Spokesperson when cops arrive

Falls Asleep first

Snuggles with you all night

Stays to help clean up Tag List A:@AimeeH@amandamuska@AaliyahNewbell@amberg171997@Astrohelix@AlexAckerman B:@B1A4BTS5ever@Beckah1327@baileykayleen@BelencitaGarcia@BAbrajan1 C:@catchyacrayon@clstap1@CreeTheOtaku@CarleB D: E:@Emealia@edwey66@Ercurrent@Exoexo F: G:@GrandPop H:@HerosBells@haniarocioo I:@IsoldaPazo@icanteven J:@jgallegos222@justmeplz1998@jamiesparking K:@Kpopandkimchi@KarlythePanda66@katiems@KpopGaby@KhouYang@KaiTakashima@KaeliShearer@Kyokeo L: M:@MorganElisabeth@MaggieAlexis@Megano@Mightmuffin@MadAndrea@Michellelbarra N:@Nate1226@ninjamidori@nokita@NEOisRealo O: P:@PrettieeEmm@poojas Q:@QueenLele R:@Rhia S:@Sammie99522@sugajin94@SarahVanDorn@SarahLaChelle@syd4tomato@samni517@sherrysahar@SugaMint T:@tazneemhinnawi@tinathellama@terenailyn U:@Unbreakable1109 V:@VeronicaArtino@VixenVivi W:@wolvenladykita X:@XergaB20 Y: Z:

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