Jin-ho: Memories

Jiyong gave Jen-ho her medication, which made her fall asleep. When she fell asleep. He stays beside her and watch her sleep. How he miss watching her sleep in peace. He want to kiss her so bad, but he held himself back. "Jiyong, is mommy ok?". Jin-ho stands beside the doorway, holding a stuffed monkey. Jiyong saw that she is scared. He then stands and switched the lights off. "Come on, let's go have some fun." He held her hand, but Jin-ho turned her head and watch her mom. "She is fine, Jin-ho. we just got to give her some time". Then they both walked away and went towards the living room. "Will she remember me?" "I can't promise you that, but I will make sure you guys are well and safe." "You won't leave us, right." "I won't. I'm staying here for good" Jin-ho looks outside and then Jiyong had a good idea. "Wait right here, ok Jin-ho." Then he runs to a storage closet and took out his telescope, including a blanket. "Come one, I want to show you something." They both go outside and Jiyong spread the blanket on the grass. Then he set up the telescope. Jin-ho wks towards the telescope. "Look here." Jiyong told Jin-ho. Then Jin-ho got closer and placed her eyes where Jiyong told her. She smiles brightly "Wwooooww. Its so pretty. They look so shiny,, ooohh Jiyong, this is awesome. Can I keep this, Pretty pleeeassseee!!???" She jumps up and down and then look back again. Jiyong smiles and his heart calmed down. "If you ever feel sad or worried about your mom, I want you to come outside and look at the stars, and always remember to smile bright like those stars. But If you see a shooting star, make a wish. Don't forget that." Jin-ho hugs Jiyong, which surprised him. " Thank you for being here, your like my and my moms guardian angel" Jiyong hugs her back. Then they stayed watching the stars, till the air became cool.

Jiyong placed Jin-ho to sleep. He sits down on a chair which was beside the bed. He is wondering of how to find her father, but don't know how to start. *She can't be the bastards kid, Jack said they been dating for five yrs. And she is seven years old.*"Excuse me?" Jen-ho walks in the bedroom and Jiyong mind went blank when he saw her. She stands with her head down. "What's wrong, are you ok?" "I'm sorry to bother you at this time, but I'm really hungry." "Its fine, come on let's go to the kitchen" They both walk towards the kitchen, but then he remembers he can't cook and its too late for sweets, which is the best thing he can do. "Let me take you out to eat, To be honest I don't cook." "Its fine, I'm just very hungry" "Ok, we will go. Let me just notify my maid to watch Jin-ho as she sleeps" Jen-ho nod yes and then Jiyong went to get one of the maids. He told her to call him if anything happens. Then Jen-ho and Jiyong went to the car and out to eat. Jiyong found a nearby place to eat, but the place he choosed, was the same place him and Jen-ho went, when they was in high school. Jen-ho sat down and looks around. "This place is very beautiful, very historical." Then she breaths in and out. She smells something familiar, but can't seem to catch it. Jiyong saw her expression. *Hope you remember something* He hopes. "It seems like I've been here before, but can't remember well. Have I been here?" "You have, when we was in high school. We used to always come here together to eat right after school." "How has it been?" "Well I don't know if you ever came back here, but after graduation I was sent to the states. We actually lost contact for seven years.". *Seven years?* "Ohh, I see. But how you back into my life?" "Well I want to go back to you, but you already moved on. You have a daughter and a boyfriend. So I backed away, but Jin-ho kept connecting to me" "Are you saying, that we used to date?" "yes, when we was in high school " "well I'm sorry if I caused you hurt, I wonder why or what really happened or made me move on." "I wouldn't blame you anyways. You had a right to move on. I did promised you to come back in two yrs and marry you, but I took seven yrs longer and never told you anything." Jen-ho looks at Jiyong and felt bad for her previous character to hurt him. "So tell me, what is that you do?" "I'm actually a CEO of a fashion line. And I am actually a popular fashionista." "Well now I see why, your clothing or should I say your fashion is always on point." Jiyong smiled and then the food arrived. As they eat, something came by Jen-ho's mind. "I thought the little girl was your daughter" "Ohh,, no. she is not my daughter. She is yours but I don't know the father. But I'm willing to find out who he is. She needs a father also." "That's true. Hopefully you will be able find him, but she does kind a look like you." Jiyong laughs and shakes his head. "You both have the same smile, and eyes." "I'm glad, but I know for sure I'm not the father. You would've told me for sure, cuz we was talking for a while before I stopped." They both ended the conversation and finish their meal. As they was about to leave, Jen-ho went to the bathroom. When she washed her hands her head started pounding. Then flashes of memories started to pop in her head. Jiyong image was flashing through her mind. A memory of them enjoying a meal together when they was young. Them laughing, and Jiyong feeding her meat. Then her head starts to hurt, the pain was to great. She got dizzy. She gets out of the bathroom and tried to walk towards Jiyong. Jiyong saw Jen-ho in pain and grabbed her. "What's wrong?" "Its just a headache, I think?" "Let's go home. You need to rest." They end up at home, and Jen-ho went to bed.

Jiyong went to the living room and grabbed a bottle of Wine. He went from one cup to five cups of wine. Then he starts thinking the old time he had with Jen-ho. The laughter's and the smiles they had together. He looks out the window and he can clearly picture Jen-ho smiling at Jiyong like she used to be. His eyes got watery, to the image he is looking at. She looks down and then smiles back at him and blows him a kiss. Jiyong laughs and a tear roll down his cheek. He feels pressure towards his heart. The heavyness was just building on his shoulders. "Jiyong, why your crying" Jiyong saw Jin-ho and then quickly wiped his tears. Then he grabs her hand and they both sit down on the sofa. "Can I stay with you, I'm not used to sleeping on my own. My mom always sleeps next to me, to protect me from my stepfather.". "Sure." Jiyong let her rest next to him. As time went by, he saw Jin-ho sleeping with her monkey. He then remembers the conversation he had with Jen-ho. He closed his eyes and just remember the conversation again. Jen-ho said: *she looks like you. *she has your smile and eyes. * lost contact for seven years... Jack said: *they been dating for 5 yrs only *Do the math, bro Jin-ho said: *I'm seven years old.. Jiyong popped his eyes open and quickly stand up and jumped out of the sofa. He brush his hair back and looks at Jin-ho. "No..no way.."

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