Post-Op Day 8

Hey Everyone!

So, I thought I'd give everyone an update to my post-op cosmetic surgery.


* Rhinoplasty (nose job)

* Chin implant

* Jaw fillers

*Under eye fillers

I am excited to inform you that I took a total of four (4) Fioricet pills and nixed the rest because the pain just wasn't that bad. By day five, I was off of the Tylenol pills, which helped with the pain and let me rest.

Click here to see what I looked like RIGHT AFTER SURGERY!

Cost: $16,000 (for everything)

Was it worth it? YES! While my nose will take about six months to heal and reduce in size, I can say that I am VERY PLEASED with the work that Dr. Lamperti did. He wasn't the least expensive, which was closer to $12,000. But he certainly wasn't the most expensive, which was $29,000.

How did I find my doctor?

That site is the definitive A-Z site for all things cosmetic. This should be your first step in your cosmetic journey. You're going to learn a lot and it's free to use!

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Other?

Leave a comment below. I will gladly answer your questions!!!!


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