Agent Krystal Chapter 16/?

Hello all! Welcome back to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so happy you are all here and enjoying it!

JJ kissed Raven softly as she awoke, bringing her some breakfast in bed. The woman had been feeling pretty sick, so she had asked JJ if he would plan their wedding. He had simply nodded and gotten to work, asking her only for simple things like what kind of flowers to use or what kind of snacks she wanted to include at the reception. It was obvious how much fun he was having. If he hadn't become a doctor, he would have been a wedding planner. JJ smiled at her, setting the tray in front of her. It was a light breakfast with some toast, tea with honey, and a few home made mini blueberry muffins. "Breakfast is served my love. please, eat. Don't strain yourself though." He told her softly, sitting in a nearby chair. He was worrried about her and just wanted her to get better. Neither of them knew that their one night together before the battle had left her pregnant. Raven smiled at him and took a sip of her tea. "I should go see my doctor, Jamie." she told him softly, pulling off a tiny piece of the toast and eating it. She wasn't feeling nauseas right now, so that was a good thing. She knew that her fiancee was fully capable and qualified to make a diagnosis, but she was feeling self concious. She didn't want to put him under any more stress.

JJ smiled and nodded. "Whatever you need my dear. Would you like me to take you?" He asked, tilting his head in curiosity. He really did worry about her. She had been feeling sick for awhile now. It bothered him that he didn"t know what was wrong with her. Raven smiled, taking another sip of her honey tea. "If you want to, Jamie. I know you have alot of patients to see yourself today." she told him softly, having made an appointment at her doctor's yesterday. At 3 o'clock, she would find out what was wrong.

At 3, Raven was sitting in the waiting room of her doctor's office, waiting to be called. "Raven?" a pretty nurse called, and she stood walking into the hallway and to the room where her handsome young doctor Peter Mallord sat waiting for her. "So, Raven, What brings you to my office today?" he asked, twirling his pen around as he listened to her explain. He had noticed the engagement ring on her finger and it made him smile slightly. She had always seemed very lonely. "Well Raven, let me run a few tests and I'll have the results back to you in just a few days." he explained, taking her blood first and then instructing her to do a pee test. Once all was said and done and Raven was home, she made herself some tea, wondering just what these tests might say.

The big day was finally here. JJ and Raven were getting married today. Krystal was helping her get ready, braiding her hair prettily and fixing her makeup. "My boy James really loves you, Raven. He's lucky to have you." she told her softly, smiling proudly as she put a purple lily in in her hair. She really wanted everything to be perfect. Meanwhile, JJ was stressing out. He was worrying that Raven didn't want to marry him. He could feel that something was different with her, but he didn't know what. It worried him. What could be wrong with her? Right before Charles came to walk her down the aile, Raven got a call from the doctor. "Raven, after looking over your tests at length, I am pleased to announce that you are pregnant!" he quipped happily, and she sat there in shock a moment. "Thank you Dr. Mallord." she said simply, hanging up the phone, still reeling. Krystal had already walked down the aile, and now it was her turn. Charles knocked on the door, then came in, smiling at her. "You look beautiful, Raven." he told her softly, taking her arm and leading her fown the aile where he gave her over to JJ. He smiled at her, squeezing her hands as he stood with her, removing her veil. JJ said his vows perfectly, his expression showing nothing but his love for her. "I do." came his smooth voice, and he squeezedher hands again. Raven smiled shyly at JJ, blushing as she said her vows. She really did love him, but everything was happening so fast. "I... Cant. I'm sorry JJ.." with that, she ran from the church, JJ looking at his mother and Charles before breaking down in tears.

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