Anime impressions: Nura rise of the Yokai clan

So this anime has been on my watch list for some time now. We recently had a freaky snow blizzard here on the east coast and the world decided to shut down. So how did i spend a lovely and chilly weekend? By binge watching anime. 12 year old Rikuo Nura is the grandson of the Supreme commander of the Nura clan, Nurarihyon. His grandfather wishes him to succeed him as the third heir to the Nura clan. But Rikuo, being only 1/4 yokai doesn't want anything to do with it. He wishes to live his life as a human. But when other clans and even those in his own threaten to kill and hurt those close to him, Rikuo must decided if he will allow them to usurp him or embrace the destiny and unite his allies under his banner of fear.

whew that was a mouth full.


So this anime, was definitely interesting. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were a few things that I kind of wish were done better. Like the battle scenes, there were times when I was wondering if it was actually a battle. They were short, quick and to the point some of them. Also while things were very smooth, the anime did better still frames than big battle scenes. But it did seem to get better toward the end when things really heated up.

The story, was awesome. I will say the premise was great and the political tension was very good. With everything being run like some old Yakuza mob family it was nice to see things like honor amongst demons. And there was even a way of doing things with a taste of elegance and charm. They even played with things like inherited loyalties, trust and whether or not the clan makes a leader or does the leader make a clan. Which was something I didn't expect and it was good.

And then there was the dual nature of Rikuo. Yes that guy right next to him is him in Yokai form. It threw me for a bit but then the series did hint that at 13 yokai were considered adults. Although Rikuo is only 12 and almost 13, it kind of makes sense that his yokai form would look older. Kind of. It definitely threw me for a bit. But his yokai form is a bit Over Powered for me. We don't get a hint at all as to how he knows how to do what he does. Instead, he just changes and bam! Instant op with the drawback being he can only change at night and then that gets tossed as well. Rikuo is a good character in his own way which he does improve and grow but I think the only drawback on him is his yokai form being so OP. The music was fun and at times did give the feel of watching a old mob movie.

And then this girl, Tsurara. A yuki ona yokai, she is by far my favorite girl of the series. She is a bit clueless but completely loyal and although she often gets in over her head, she definitely comes through in the end. She was also one of the more beautiful characters stylistically. She isn't the best character as she doesn't have much growth. I wish I could have seen more of why she is so loyal. Over all I enjoyed the series It was a nice way to spend a day in when mother nature decided to throw her weather leftovers at us. Now I do know there is a second season, The Demon Capital, I will be watching it soon. Anyone else seen this series? Comment and tell me what you thought.

Hmm...what to tell? I'm a anime loving, tea drinking, gothy mad hatter that has a penchant for both cute and creepy things. I love the written word in all its whimsical ways. I love a good story and can tell one as well. Enjoy your day and your time on my page.
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