All Time Low- Missing You

This song confuses me, to be quite honest. Alex starts by saying that he knows what we are going through and he comforts us by telling us that he is here for us, but then he switches to say how we've screwed up again and it is time to get our lives back on track. Then after he tells us to straighten out he says that life is hard and then immediately switches again to say what I put on the card, he warns us that there will come a time where our mistakes will become irreversable. He then goes back to talking about how he knows our pain and is here for us, and then back to the warning. Then he finishes out by telling us to take control of our lives and be who we are and do what we want and to never blame ourselves. I love every message in the song, I just don't understand how he manages to fit so many into one! Any thoughts?

Music keeps the blood pumping through my viens. Love your comments on my cards 🖤 Message me if you have requests 🤘🏼 RIP Chester Bennington
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