1234 Part 6: Denial and Cherry Blossoms

Part One: Dancing and Shadowy Encounters

Part Two: Heels and Unintentionally Invited Guests

Part Three: Private Concerts and Stolen Kisses

Part Four: Merry-Go-Rounds and Teacups

Part Five: Fools and Green Eyed Angels

Part Seven: Call Me Noona and No Escape

Part Eight: Pepro Sticks and Endings

Part Nine: Don't Call Me Noona (Final)

Payj POV:

For the tenth time I took off the headphones and sighed. “It’s ok Payj you will get it. Why don’t we take a break?” Siwon looked at me through the glass a look of almost pity on his face.

I hadn’t been able to concentrate much since yesterday. We had decided what song we wanted to cover but I just couldn’t get into it. Every time I started to sing the look Jungkook gave me in the doorway would pop back into my head. I had tried texting him last night but he had ignored me and I had yet to hear from him today. I sighed again and smiled at Siwon with the best ‘I’m okay’ smile I could muster. “Maybe a short break would be ok. Lunch?” Siwon smiled his million dollar smile and nodded.

We decided to just order in and sat to eat pizza. I love pizza and Siwon always treats me to one when we are together because I once mentioned how it reminded me of home. The song we planned to do a cover of played over the speakers and I frowned. I was frustrated with myself. How could I let something get in-between me and work? Why couldn’t I get Jungkook out of my head? I felt horrible and like it was my fault he had that look on his face. The way he had looked up at me with those puppy eyes on the roof. The way he pretended to be ok. He wasn’t telling me something and not only was I curious but I had to admit I was hurt that he was hiding things from me. When I had asked the boys this morning they all said they hadn’t heard from him so he must still be sleeping. I sighed again and picked at my pizza.

“If you sigh anymore you are going to make me depressed.” I looked up at Siwon and he raised an eyebrow at me. “What’s going on in that head of yours? You never have to do more than one or two takes to get it right. Not to mention the endless sighing.” I shrugged and stuffed more pizza in my mouth as a play to keep from having to tell him what was on my mind. “Oh the silent treatment huh?” He smirked and rested his head on his hands looking at me. “It’s because you are worried about Jungkook isn’t it.” I took another bite still refusing to answer. “You like him don’t you?” This time I choked on my pizza. He laughed as he patted my back through my coughing fit.

How did he come to that conclusion? I didn’t like Kookie. I didn’t have time to worry about boys, dates, let alone love. I came to Korea to join an idol group not find a boyfriend. That had been what I told myself every time I caught myself looking at another attractive idol. I had cut myself off to my own feelings and convinced myself that I didn’t need to worry about that kind of thing, but here I was acting like a girl who pissed off her boyfriend and didn’t know if he was still mad at her. My coughing fit stopped and I smacked my own forehead. How could I have let myself slip this far. I blamed Kookie. He was always trying to Wesel his way into my life and somewhere I had grown used to it and even started to notice his mood changes. No, I was not going to let him get to me like this. I straightened my shoulders and shot Siwon a glare. “I do not like Jungkook so drop it.” Standing I walked back over to the recording booth and turned back to look at him. “Come on we have a song to record.” I had a sneaking suspicion why Siwon had picked the song he did for us to cover.


Jungkook POV:

Jungkook walked into the building having resolved himself to just out right tell her his feelings, but the moment he had entered the studio and listened to her singing the chorus for Kisum and Jooyoung’s You & Me he had frozen. Her eyes were closed so she had yet to notice he had arrived. He had seen her text asking if he was alright but decided to skip replying to it and just come see her. Siwon sat at the panel just looking at her nodding his head to the beat. It only took a moment but he regretted even thinking about confessing to her and turned to leave. He hadn’t gotten far before Siwon called out to him. “Hey if it isn’t the man of the hour.” Jungkook looked back in confusion at the smiling Siwon. “She has been worried about you all morning.” He pointed over to the booth at the still singing Payj.

“I didn’t mean to worry her.” He shrugged and looked back at the booth noticing she had finally realized he was there. She didn’t waver in her rap but the smile on her face made his heart skip a beat. It was one of those genuine smiles he always looked forward to seeing from her and it was all for him.

Siwon smirked and told Payj to do one more take before coming out. She nodded and stared at Jungkook as she started up again. Siwon knew she was anxious to get out of the booth and find out if Jungkook was alright but he had plans of his own. “You like Payj don’t you?”

Jungkook froze and felt his heart retreat into his stomach. “W-w-what do you mean?” Jungkook felt himself want to stick up for himself. He had resolved to not lose Payj to Siwon but unlike the dense Payj, Siwon had picked up on his feelings in only a moment.

“Now now no reason to get all defensive.” Siwon laughed.

Jungkook felt his face turn red and he turned to face his back towards Payj not wanting her to see how embarrassed his senior was making him. “What if I do?”

Siwon smirked and turned his back to Payj as well. “Then I say go for it.”

Jungkook lost his composure and turned around in an instant to look at Siwon. “What?” He had expected Siwon to try to say something like he was out of luck, but for him to tell him to go for it Jungkook was a bit confused.

Siwon out right laughed and turned to look at Jungkook. “You thought we had something special didn’t you? That is why you reacted the way you did yesterday.” Jungkook nodded. “I love Payj like a sister but she is oblivious to people’s feelings towards her most of the time. She assumes they all see her like a sister. If you want to let her know how you feel you have to just say it out right.”

Why was everyone telling him to just confess like it wasn’t that difficult?


Payj POV:

I watched in frustration as the two boys outside the booth continued to talk to each other. It didn’t bother me so much that they talked together but I was curious as to why they both turned to face the opposite direction of me. I finished up my take and decided to escape out of the booth before Siwon came up with some reason for me to do another take. “Jungkook!” I said faking irritance and anger as I ran up and pulled Jungkook towards me. “Why were you ignoring me? Are you feeling better?” I pulled him into a hug and heard his breath hitch so I dropped my arms and took a step back.

“Sorry Noona I just got your message and figured I would come see you instead of just messaging.” He smiled at me and as usual I could swear I heard that wall taking another hit. “I am fine. I feel much better today.” I smiled a bit relieved.

I looked up at Siwon who seemed to be enjoying this encounter more than he should have and shot him a glare. He turned to face the computer pretending to be doing something important.

“Noona can you take a walk with me?” I turned my attention back to Jungkook and smiled nodding. He grabbed my hand and started leading me out of the room. I turned to glace back at Siwon one last time only to catch him staring at me with that smirk that meant he was up to no good.


The cherry blossoms had just started to bloom and I stared in wonder. It didn’t matter how many times I saw them, they were always one of my favorite things to gaze at. Jungkook continued to hold my hand and walk in silence. I had no idea where we were headed or what he was thinking because he had yet to say anything to me. All I knew is that his face had been slightly red since we left the company. “What’s up Jungkook?” He finally stopped and faced me. “Is everything ok?” I questioned him.

“Noona, I….” His sentence faded out and I wondered why he was acting so strange. “I…”

I raised an eyebrow and wondered why he seemed to be having such a tough time. Does he not want to tell me? “Kookie if you do…” My words were cut short. Jungkook had pulled me into his arms and looked down at me nervously before his lips pressed against mine. Every alarm in my head went off when he kissed me and I flirted with the thought of pushing him away, but my body had a mind of its own and I found myself melting into the kiss hoping his strong arms would hold up my now weak and stunned body.

Well there you have it. Kookie has all but confessed with words. Wonder how Payj is going to take it. Happily ever after? Run for the hills? Not sure. I will post the next part in a few days on my next day off. Hope you all enjoyed it and thank you for reading. If you want to be tagged let me know.

Also I have been thinking about my next story. It will be a bit different from this one with less fluff but I have yet to decide what group I want to do it about. Not sure if I want to do another BTS fanfic so soon. If you have any requests of groups you would like to read a fanfic about post it in the bottom and I will use your favorite groups in one of my up coming fan fics.

Also who is your bias in BTS? Or who is your ultimate bias? Let me know below!

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