30 day song challenge Day 29-30

this is my last card. hope it may have enlightened some of my personality.

Day 29 A song from my childhood Come and Ride the Train Quad city DJs

So yes listening back to the lyrics of this song I have no idea why they would put it in space Jam....like those are some suggestive lyrics right there. But yes this song was played a lot on the radio when growing up and at dances. So yeah it brings me nostalgia

Day 30 A song at this time last year Sugar Maroon 5

My loves....yes my loves...for 15 years they have been my loves...this song was played numerous times and I would jam out and sing too it no matter what I was doing and would even break out to it at work at random from my brain. Though now they are my second loves GD and bigbang are now number 1. But yes my loves especially Adam and his voice....

Credits to the owners of the music and the artists. Hope you all enjoyed this@kpopandkimchi@mchlyang@InPlainSight@AlloBaber@danidee@deefran@ButterflyBlu@Bitterlimelight@PassTheSuga@stevieq@johnevans@Jiyongixoxo@KwonOfAKind@ladygdragon@lilbr0wneyes@lovetopia@mchlyang

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