BigBang Scavenger hunt 1•27•16

GD always looks to handsome, but seeing him with makes ones heart very light and happy. I smile while I see them.

I love the solo song Heartbreaker by G Dragon. I love the message, the lyrics, and I absolutely love him singing it live. It's amazing, and hes so sexy with his red hair!!!

I love running man, and this episode, number 163, has Daesung, Seungri, and GD in it. Their goal: win Ace Ji-Hyos heart and gold. lol, spoiler, she ends up keeping both! IDK how cause I would have given my heart and gold to GD asap, but whatever lol. Love this part, they get covered in mud! lol

So GD was recently in paris for the Chanel fashion thing. (I don't follow fashion much, but he is very active in it so what I do know is that, and I recognize the two CCs. lol, I also included the picture from one of their posters, and a fan art thing someone did, and lastly, a hat very much like the Chanel hat, from the album GD and TOP did.

GD singing happy birthday and filming on stage for Seungri. I'm fairly sure this is the 2015 one because he has the MADE hat on, but I could be wrong and if I am please let me know so I can keep looking. But I thought this was a very good video to show. So cute and sweet that the fans sang along as well!

So, I feel like I should explain how these make me think of BIGBANG/reminds me of them. I saw their MADE concert live in NJ, and when ever I see that states name, or think of it, or even look at it I think of that concert and how awesome it was. So New Jersey reminds me of BigBang. I know most if not all idols dye their hair, but seeing hair dye makes me think of BigBang. Crayons make me think of G Dragon, because of his Crayon song. When ever I see "VIP" anywhere, on the TV or on a card or in a letter, I think of BigBang and being a VIP lol. And of course, she's a little bigbang related, but I think of G Dragon whenev er I hear this song, because of when he jammed out to it in that club. lol

So, BigBang nail art. I included a picture of the finished nails, and a video of the "HowTo" as well! for those of us wanting to try it out!!!

Daesung and his adorable laugh and smile! I found a video with all these clips and simply had to use it!

.....Mullets. My opinion is that I plead the 5th on how I feel having seen GDs mullet. and I included Taeyang and his Bae Bae MV mullet lol

MINT TOP! So, I love this hair color on TOP. So cute and simple, and put together! Love it! The first picture is from a very cute Strong Heart episode. The one where he prowls across the stage like a dinosaur because he had to go to the bath room and he didn't want to interrupt. But he ended up interrupting anyways in a very cute way.

BigBang and 2ne1 backstage for the YG family concert! so awesome, that they were so close. They still are, of course, buti love this video of them back stage. there are others as well that I wanted to add, but for some reason Vingle wouldn't load them.....

Taeyang with kids. So cute! I love him, and GD, on Superman with Haru. I also live him, and any bigbang members actually, with kids. GD and Haru interacting is always so cute cause shes so shy with him. And then she sees Taeyang and he's like her closest friend. Going to get icecream and everything! lol

So that's my scavenger hunt card!!! I included the cute video of Taeyang from a naver broadcast. He's so freaking cute, and sexy at the same time by just being carefree and awesome!@KwonOfAKind@lovetopia@catchyacrayon@JiyongLeo@Helixx @kpopandkimchi@BBxGD

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