Illumination | Part 2

Hoseok x Y/N Angst/FluffSmut(?) Mature Language and Themes

He tsked inwardly at the echo their steps made on the ivory marble floor. Modern decor would certainly not be his first choice. Adjusting his glasses and shifting his burly leather briefcase into his other lanky hand, he shadowed the receptionist down the hallway. His eyes enjoyed her backside in a tight pencil skirt as she swished down the hallway, smirking as she made a quick right, confident in her wine stained heels. She stopped suddenly and turned to him, sizing up his lean frame and fading jade tinted hair. He grinned at her lewdly, not bothering to hide the obvious thoughts running through his head. She gasped and averted her gaze as his overcast chestnut eyes penetrating hers, unwittingly covering her brimming chest with her arms. "T-through here, Sir," she stuttered, "He'll be with you in one moment." She bit her lower lip, and meekly nodded towards a nearby closed door. It was clear that she was affected by the lure of Min Yoongi. "Thanks baby," he groaned, winking. She nearly lost it. Quickly nodding again, she sped back the way she came, her knees wobbling here and there. It never took much, he mused. He briefly thought about how she'd make a welcome addition to his extensive collection before lowering his head and turning the knob to his destination. He was greeted by a sizable unfurnished room, save for a desk, a lone bamboo plant, and two uninhabited chairs. Yoongi continued to the chair in front and sat down, setting his case beside him. He marveled at the view in front of him. The wall ahead was completely transparent and permitted the afternoon sun to submerge the room in a bittersweet glow. He observed the rolling valley down below, splashed haphazardly in deep greens and browns. A flock of birds escaped further into the mountain range and he chuckled inwardly. If he didn't know better, he would have believed was the lair of a meticulous madman. Footsteps echoed down the hall and a man suddenly entered the room, his heavy stride breaking Yoongi's train of thought. He was casually dressed in a egg white t-shirt, dingy pants, and spattered sneakers, a stark contrast from Yoongi's pressed onyx dress suit. His face was, of course, covered with a makeshift ski mask, the holes obviously hand cut. He knowingly slid into the chair behind the mahogany desk as if he'd been through this scenario hundreds of times. For Yoongi's sake, he'd sure hoped so. "So." The man's voice was thick and curt, and he grumbled as if this was a clear disruption in his busy day. He flourished his fingers in Yoongi's direction. "What did you need?" Yoongi paused, taken aback by his bluntness. "Right to the point, are we?" he noted calmly. The man peered at him and rolled his eyes in irritation. "Time is money and I'm running low on both." Yoongi tapped his fingertips on the arm of his chair. Cocking his head, he smirked back. "Well it's a good thing I have a lot of money," he boasted. Scooting his chair forward, he leaned his elbows on the desk, and lowered his voice. "I need something returned to me." The man's displeasure increased and he sighed impatiently. "Yes, of course. I am a master thief and a murderer, and that's why you sought me out," he barked, "But what exactly is that something?" Yoongi smiled sinfully and reached into his suit pocket, pulling out a crumpled photograph. He smoothed it out with careful fingers and slid it in front of the impatient felon. The madman took one glance at it and swept it onto the floor before slamming his hands on the wood in rage, muscles rippling. "Do I, Kim Taehyung, look like a fucking joke to you?" he snarled. Yoongi, still smiling, kept his voice steady. "I was recommended to you by a highly esteemed colleague of mine. You look like someone who could get the job done, and done well." He praised animatedly. Taehyung's fists clenched and began to shake. "I'm not a search and rescue team. Find someone else to find your little precious princess. I don't have time for this shit." He stood up abruptly, knocking his chair precariously close to the glass wall behind him. He started his brisk walk again, pausing midway across the room when the sound of a loud thump reached his ears. He spun around and watched Yoongi skillfully work the lock on his previously forgotten briefcase, now laying comfortably on Taehyung's desk. The briefcase ruptured open under Yoongi's touch, teeming to the brim with tidy stacks of currency. His eyes glazed over, and there was a hasty pause as he quickly counted the top row. "Over a million," Yoongi finished for him, privately celebrating a simple victory. Taehyung was astonished. "What kind of whore is worth that amount of money?" he questioned loudly, visibly puzzled. Yoongi's eyes flashed in fury, but his smile widened. "She's not a whore," he replied, "and yes, she's worth quite a pretty penny. She seems to have gotten lost, and I desperately need her at my side. Alive. Immediately." The last word was dripping in unspoken promise, and Taehyung felt goosebumps coat his arms. He didn't know who this "Min Yoongi" was, but he was obviously not a man who liked to hear no. But then again, neither was Taehyung. He walked back round the side of the desk, and picked up the discarded photo. The female was innocently stunning, lit up by a lone streetlight. Her wide hopeful eyes staring at the camera through side swiped coal colored bangs. Her cherry lips were formed into a perfect O, as if she wasn't expecting an onslaught of pictures. She was wearing an expensive looking charcoal pea-coat and matching heels, and Taehyung sneered when he realized how short the dress she was wearing must be. Not a whore, my ass. Exhaling, defeated, he glared at his proprietor. "Where would I even begin to look?" Yoongi, tapping his fingers on the briefcase in satisfaction, looked up at him. "Currently, she's at Seoul Hospital. I'd like you to bring her to me." Taehyung was more perplexed than ever. "If you know where she is, and she's so out in the open, why can't you just go and get her your damn self?" he proposed. Yoongi froze for less than a second, his fingers curling into the wood and face covered with a sinister ferocity, before smoothly relaxing into his smirk. He gently stroked the markings he'd made with his fingertips, and murmured intensely. "I would, but she's with someone whom I just can't seem to get rid of. And that's where you come in, my friend." ~*~ Twilight surrounded them as Hoseok pushed a chunk of ceiling off of you, choking through the soot. He began to panic at the sight of your motionless body under the eerie glow of a nearby 'EXIT' light, your legs covered in a dark ruby liquid. He dropped down beside you and leaned his ear to your cindered lips. A faint breath hit his lobe and he exhaled, relieved. He inspected the damage around them, realizing if they'd been any closer to the windows, they clearly wouldn't have made it. The ground had collapsed under the weight of the explosion, and they'd fallen through to the first floor. The ceiling above them had thankfully fallen around them, blocking the exit, but it looked as though with some work he could clear out where the glass had been. He delicately propped your body against a stable adjacent wall, making sure your already injured head wouldn't be shifted, and turned back to the wreckage. The slender boy stepped gracefully to the opposite side of the enclosure, taking care to keep vigilant around broken shards of glass and exposed needles. He leaned into a nearby pile and shoved all his weight into it, jumping back when it collapsed and nearly buried him. He heard you stir behind him, and crossed the gap in a few strides. "Y/N, I'm going to get you out of here, okay?" he promised weakly, coughing again. You only moaned in response, and on closer examination, he realized the blood on your legs wasn't from you, but a tube that had burst close by. Hoseok tenderly wiped the dust off of your bruised cheek, flinching when you gave a small smile. He checked your head for any new wounds, moving the blonde hair that was beginning to peek out from the bandages, and sighed in satisfaction when none were found and standing up. Walking back to the wreckage, he saw a reasonably sized block of cement. Looking up, he observed a steel pillar that would either bring the rest of the rubble down upon the two of you, or open up the way to freedom. He bit his lip in frustration, knowing that whomever had attempted a hit on your life might still be nearby to make sure the job was done. Gathering his courage, he clutched the square and tugged with his remaining strength, springing back when it gave in. The metal beam groaned in anguish, and with nothing to support it collasped in two. Hoseok sprinted to your limp form, throwing himself over you. The room fell a second time. He couldn't help but curse at himself, wondering in his last moments if he should have just waited until a rescue squad came for help. The graveled avalanche ended soon after it began, and he shook off the stones that had pelted his back. Twisting around slowly, he covered his eyes as moonlight flooded the enclosure. Euphoria ignited throughout his body and he nearly collapsed next to you. With new found vigor, he gathered your delicate frame into his arms and lifted you up, turning towards the crater, and carrying you out into the void of the outside world. ~*~


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