Google Reveals How Much They Paid The Guy Who Bought

In September, Google made a huge mistake and sold their domain by accident.

Sammy Ved, a random ex-Google employee bought For 12 bucks. Ved assumed it couldn’t possibly be the real, but he paid Google’s standard $12-per-domain fee and bought it. Turns out it was the real deal. Google canceled the sale almost immediately, but for a minute Ved not only owned Google, but had full access to their webmaster controls.

It was clearly a mistake so Google had no intentions of paying Ved a dime for their domain back. But when Ved pledged to donate any money he got from Google to charity, they agreed to pay an undisclosed sum.

In a recent blog post, Google announced they paid Sammy and discussed the dollar amount.

Google paid Ved $6,006.13, which kinda, sorta spells “Google” if you flip the 6’s upside down and turn the 3 to the right. Ved donated the money to a foundation that provides educational opportunities to those living in India’s slums.

So I guess everyone wins. A charity gets a nice bit of cash, and Google and Sammy have a great story to tell to friends and family.

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