The Boy Next Door Part 4

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That night, You kept thinking about Jungkook, The way he smiles at you, The way he makes you laugh, The way he makes your race everytime your lips come into contact with his, Even the little things he does makes you swoon. Like the way he walks, the way his teeth show when he smiles, Your basically head over heals for him.

Next morning, You woke up to a morning text from Jungkook. You turn to grab your phone with a tired, weak arm. You read it and it says

"Good Morning, Cutie... I missed you, Did you sleep well? Come over to my place whenever you can. Take your time, Beautiful! I LOVE YOU CUTIEE!!!". You blush with excitement as you smile hardly. You responded,

"Good Morning, Oppa. I slept very well, and I will come over later and I love you too!!".

You get up slowly, tiringly, but with happiness. You check to see what to wear. You look around in your closet thinking to yourself, "I literally have nothing to wear!" You decide to just be casual, but still flattering. You chose to wear a black and red striped shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans, To mix things up a bit, You put on a black scarf, a gray bracelet, To TOP (>.< GET IT!!) things off your pair the outfit with black shoes. You put your hair up in a high bun and add a white bow, just to look cute for Oppa. You leave the house without eating breakfast, You knock on Jungkook's door, He opens it shyly, knowing that it was you at the door, "Hey Cutie, How was your morning?" He asks you as he takes your hand and pulls you into the comforting home.

"Hey Kookie, My morning was alright."

"What do you mean by alright?" He asks you with concern.

" Oh I mean... Like.... I had nothing to wear hahaha....... I'm sorry."

Jungkook just smiles at you as he takes your hand to give you a short yet blissful kiss. Once your guys' lips touched, Your eyes shut slowly, As your hands settle onto his shoulders and his hands were attached to your waist. He pulls away to breathe,

"I Love You, Cutie", He whispers into your ear.

"I Love You Too, Kookie." You whisper back. He slides his hand down from your waist to your hips, He starts going down further to the curve of your butt, But your grab his hands and hold onto them tightly.

"Yah! What are you doing Oppa?" You ask him worryingly. He smiles at you as you both made eye contact, "Oh, You don't like that? I'm sorry." He tells you before kissing your hand. You gave him the crooked(GD!!!) smile. Jungkook lets go of your hands and puts his hands onto your shoulders, moving you back for you to sit down on his bed. He sits besides you, leans his head over to the right, To rest his hand on your lap. As you look down to smile at him, He reaches his hand up to your ear and starts to stroke your hair behind your ear as he blushes with his eyes close.

"I Love You, Cutie", He whispered with a closed eyed smile.

"I Love You Too, Kookie", You whispered back.

Jungkook gets up and sits near you as his arm wraps around your petite shoulders.

He brings you in closer to kiss your cheek, He whispers into your ear, "Did you eat today yet?" You had an blank expression on your face as you told him, "Not yet Oppa, Did you?" He looks at you with an worryingly face expression,

"I don't matter right now, It's you that were talking about, and I want you to eat because I don't want you to starve and I just care about your health." You look at him with concern,

"I'm fine Babe, I'm not that hungry." Jungkook didn't care that you said that. He grabs your wrist and pulls you into the kitchen and sits you down by the table.

"Just sit here and I'll make you something, Okay?" You look at him with a smirk,

"Okay, Oppa."

He goes off and makes you a plate of pancakes with eggs. As he is making that, You just put in your head phones and listen to "Roll Deep" by Hyuna ft Ilhoon of BTOB. You get into the music and start to dance the choreography. Jungkook turns around to look at you with the corner of his eye. He practically smiles at you with laughter. You stopped dancing, turn around to see Jungkook staring at you cutely, You giggle at him as you ask


"You're a really good dancer." Jungkook tells you as he brings you the plate of food. Your practically hungry by now, So you sit down and start munching. As Jungkook is on his phone, every 2 minutes he would look at you and stare at you. He puts on the camera and tries to take a picture of you eating, but you resist it by covering your face with your hands.

"No Oppa!!!!!!!" You yelled at him.

"Why Not? You look cute when you eat.." He tells you as he keeps trying to take pictures of you. Jungkook grabs your plate as soon as you finished. He puts it in the sink and grabs a napkin, dabs your mouth and throws it away. You blush as you stand up next to him, "Hey take a picture with me?" Jungkook asks you.

"Sure, Oppa." You responded as you stand next to him. He kisses your cheek and snaps a pic. You guys try out like 10 different poses. After when he was done taking pictures you were tired and wanted to take a nap. Jungkook sees your eyes closing and closing every inch.

"Are you tired, Cutie?" He asked you as he holds your hand.

"Yeah I am but I'll just go home and take a nap I don't want to intrude your space."

"No No No, It's fine sleep on my bed, I insist."

"No, You're acting like my mom and I'm your child or something."

"Let's not put it that way, Let's just say I'm your loving boyfriend that loves you and takes care of you." After he said that he picks you up bridal style and sets you onto his bed, Which smelled liked his clone. He puts you under the covers and kisses your forehead as he whispers, "Sweet dreams. If you get lonely or scared, Just let me know okay Cutie?"

"I Love You, Jungkook."

"I Love You Too, (Y/N)."

Jungkookie!! Stop wrecking my bias list!!! I'm in love with Hoseok!!! Stop it.....

My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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