Confessions of a single girl!

Soooooo, as a single girl I play a lot of Voltage games on my phone, and, well, I wanted to admit it to someones who would understand! So here's my question, single or not, has anyone else played these games too?

It makes my day infinitely better when I play these games, and I get totally involved in the story and romance. Lol. It's embarrassing mostly, but I'm so addicted! Someone should make a Kpop version, lol.

Oh wait, that's what fanfiction is for, right? 😊 tagging my awesome Starlights! @kpopandkimchi,@Miss148,@honeysoo,@iamrotamrot,@AimeeH,@StephanieDuong,@KaceyDodge,@B1A4BTS5ever,@kpopGaby,@PassTheSuga,@MattK95,@Starbabes,@baileykayleen,@byeolbit,@NatMarie,@KhrystinaLee,@sugajin94,@AgentLeo,@XergaB20,@netchtiBates,@CheyenneJessee,@allischaff,@ocherrylimeadeo,@Meeshell,@ravirie,@DeeNice,@HappyGLAlexis,@Viresse,@AlmaRangel,@edwinb94,@IzzyPerkins,@Boekyeol27,@solodaywithB1A4,@YvonJerzak,@wonsikbrah,@TaeJinMaknae,@TesneemElAlami,@Mastermind2K16,@kelseyblair,@ciabrizz,@Dahliadang,@KellyOConnor,@JustinaMclean,@ToriDaldegan,@ashelynlandon15,@kpopular,@StarlightDria,@RecklessYouth,@AlatheaOwan,@JazminOrozco,@Adetoro,@kpopgirl42,@NayizX3,@squeakk,@paksaedi,@Elanana,@xxxtina,@BTSinsfires

Obligatory VIXX pictures!

I love KPOP. It has taken over my life. That is all you need to know. Lol.
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