30 Day Song Challenge (finale)!!

I think the last day of this month was the way to finish this challenge off so let's get started!

Day 29: A song from your childhood!! I have a lot from my childhood! I'll put up a few haha 1) We Belong Together - Mariah Carey 2) My Boo - Usher 3) Sorry, Blame It On Me - Akon 4) Luces De Nueva York - Sonora Santanera 5) Selena Quintanilla (all her songs) And more but these should be enough cx

Day 30: My favorite song at this time last year!! Hmmm I would have to say it was U-Kiss - Playground!! This song was too good cx

Well January, you went be fast but it was good having you around! February, I hope you bring luck :D This challenge is complete ^^

I love learning different languages! I also love listening to different music but my favorite is classical music (^▽^)I love cooking, dancing, singing, reading, drawing, and being myself (≧∇≦)/ I'm weird but yes sir I'm one of a kind!! ^^ I hope to meet people and interact with them because as humans, that's how we communicate ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ (All dishes I upload are not my own recipe nor most images I upload).
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