Writer's Unite: Creative Writing Challenge

I've been thinking about cool writing prompts and it has been just about forever since I proposed a Vingle challenge, so I figured a Vingle creative writing challenge is just what we all need to start off our February!

The Challenge (dun dun dunnnn)

Write an excerpt from your "daily life". Act as if a page of your journal, epic novel, or ship log has been ripped out and that is the only thing we can read to try and get an insight into who your are and what is happening to you.

Feel free to go crazy, get creative, or create even the most mundane day beautiful. You can do no wrong in this creative writing challenge expect not doing it!!

Tagg me in your card and anyone else you wanna include so we can all support each other!

Here's mine!

and that was how my entire life was turned upside down. I glanced out the window of the speeding car, my heart in my throat and knew that nothing would ever be the same again. I hope I can write again soon, but who knows what is to come.

February 2

It's been a week since I have lost my old life and everything has been so mundanely different. Change can be so typical sometimes. While everything is different, these changes are happening exactly as all changes happen; quickly and without warning.

Its strange how I can almost anticipate the unknown. Stomach stuck in that sicken twist as I await things I could never possibly predict. I guess thats what is so stressful about change; whats so traumatizing.

Men and women in white come and go and strangers are constantly looking in at me, the window becoming some twisted slide show starring me. I hope a pattern comes soon, pushing change back into its dark space in the future and turning this change into the mundane again. I am so sick of being afraid.

I hope I can write back with better feelings dear journal. But for now, I am rereading my past a wishing last week never happened.

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