How Did You Get Into Kpop?

for me, of course it started with our one and only great seniors: big bang, 2ne1, snsd, and shinee. and again, of course i didn't know them as soon as i came out the womb. around 7 years old, my sister being the loyal kpop fan she was, played some kpop on a big TV we had. like i said, she played big bang, 2ne1, snsd, and shinee. she basically forced me and my brother to copy all the dances they were doing. i didn't know who they were at first but she started telling me to watch variety shows and live performances 2ne1 were in (as you can still, she's a blackjack). so yeah, at first i forgot everything about kpop until 2 years later i found snsd's gee on youtube again. i downloaded the song immediately and started discovering more about kpop. my whole world changed bcs of kpop and honestly you can learn so much from kpop. that was basically all for my story, what's your story?

a random kpop fan that doesn't know what she's posting most of the time.
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