A hoping love story Part 7

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After Hoseok had shut the door, He walks over to you and put his hand on your shoulder as he says, "Are you gonna be okay?" You just turn to him and hug him tightly, as you nuzzle your head into his chest. You start to tear up and sob into his chest. He pulls you back and looks at you with a smile as he wipes away your tears and pulls your hair behind your ear, "Everything will be okay, V justs needs some time to blow off his steam." You smile back as you stroke his hair with your fingers, "Your very sweet, Hoseok Oppa." He blushes as he looks down away from you but this time your the dependent one, You make him look at you and you both had the same idea, You both lean in for a kiss until he stops you,

"You know, If we kiss.... I'll hurt your relationship with Taehyung and He'll kill me.." He tells you with a worryingly face, "I know but... Look Hoseok I have something to tell you."

Before you can tell him, Jin walks in on you to holding hands as you both turn around to see Jin, you both automatically let go of each other, "Yah! What are you children doing? Your supposed to be taking care of Jungkookie! Plus were suppose to make Taehyung not abusive anymore so that he won't hurt (Y/N) or anybody else. Okay Hoseok?"

"Sorry Hyung, I won't do it again."

"Good. Want me to take you home, (Y/N)?" You hesitate as you say, "Sure, Just let me say bye to everybody." Jin smiles as he walks out of the room. You turn to Jungkook who had woke up to Jin Oppa's yelling, "Hey Kookie... How are you feeling?"

"Alright, Light Headed, But I'll be fine. Your leaving?"

"Yeah, I need too." You told him as you give him a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Goodbye, Jungkook."

"Bye, (Y/N)" You said quietly as you walk into the other room to see Jimin sitting there on a chair with a blank expression as he stares off into space. You walk towards him and shake him to come back to earth. He suddenly looks at you as he blinks hardly.

"Oh Hey, (Y/N), What are you doing here? I thought Hyung was taking you home?"

"He is, I'm just bye to everyone." You told him as you wrap your arms around him, Holding onto him as you whisper, "Goodbye Jimin."

"Bye (Y/N), Good luck with Taehyung." You smile at him and nod as you wave goodbye. You walk into the hallway amd you hear talking from a room, You knock on it as you hear somone yell, "Come in". You open the door to see Namjoon looking at you with a smile as he stands up, "Hey (Y/N), Come here" He says as he waits for a hug from you. You walk over into his arms and accept it. He pulls you back away from him to see you unhappy. "Hey, Everything will be okay." You look up at him and smile as you turn around, walk out of the room and close the door behind you.

You walk outside to see Jin and Hoseok talking to each other but then turn around to see you walking towards the van. Jin looks at you then at Hoseok then back to you,

"I'll let you guys have a minute to talk." Jin tells you both as pats both of your backs.

"Look, (Y/N), I don't want you to be scared of Taehyung, Me, or any of the members. I promise that things will be alright." He brings you into his arms and hugs very tightly. You accept it and hug him back tightly as you think about everything, V slapping Jungkook, Jin being difficult and yelling too much, Namjoon seems like he actually likes you, Jimin who seemed depressed, Now Hoseok is being all cute and stuff, You realize you forgot to say goodbye to Min Yoongi!!! You push Hoseok back and try to run into the house but he justs grab your hand and spins you into his loving arms, "Where are you going?"

"I need to say goodbye to Yoongi Oppa.." You told him scaredly.

"Hyung is not here, He's talking to Taehyung right now and trying to help him out." He tells you with worry. You just keep hugging him tightly as soon as Jin yells at you both, "Yah! (Y/N), Time to go!" You look at Hoseok with a sad look on your face. He kisses your cheek as he whispers into your ear, "Just call me if you need anything." You smile as you hug him one last time. You leave him and get into the van with Jin.

As Jin starts up the van, You just keep looking at Hoseok as he rubs his neck with his hand, sighing as he looks down and turns to look at you with a smile. As You take off you just look forward, Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder,

"Are you going to be okay? I'm just letting you know, even though were not that close, I'll still care about you and so does the rest of the members, especially J-Hope."

You turn to look at Jin with a clueless face, "He does?"

Jin laughs as he says, "You're really clueless aren't you? Let's just say that he has been unhappy with Taehyung for about a year now. "

You just sit there and think about what he said. As soon Jin turns around the block, you can see your house. Jin stops the vehicle and steps out of the van to grab your hand like a princess. As soon you step out, You turn towards Jin to hug him to say Goodbye. Jin holds onto you to show that he cares. You pull away from Jin to see him smiling down at you. "Well I guess this goodbye for now, Farewell (Y/N)."

"Goodbye Jin Oppa, I'll miss you and all of BTS. Take care of them well." You tell him as you walk back towards your door, waving goodbye. You see Jin drive away and you go ahead and unlock your door. You walk in and just lay down on the couch, thinking about life. Suddenly, You heard a noise from your room. You get up immediately to walk over to your room, You track where the noise is coming from. You turn around to hear the unfamilar sound is coming from your closet. You walk slowly close to it with a terrified expression on your face. You open it widely to see Taehyung standing there with a boquet of flowers playing "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior. You scream and yell as you run out of the room but you tripped over something. You get up but you felt a hand over your mouth and a hand around your stomach. You felt something pick you up and You see that you were being carried into your bedroom. He puts you on your bed as he shus the door, but he doesn't lock it. You get up and grab your pillow for protection yelling,

"Yah!!!! What in the hell are you doing?!??!" V gives you the flowers as he stands near you.

"Look Babe, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry and that I'm in love with you and I want our relationship to be normal again, I Love You." You look at him with a mortified look. "I Love You Too But your f***ing crazy! Why were you in my closet? How did you get into my house? How long have you been there?"

"I was in there to surprise you because I knew if I were to knock on the door or call you, You'd ignore me, I got into your house by the house key (SHINee!!!) you made just for me and I have only been in here for like 10 minutes."

Taehyung grabs your body and picks you up, sets you down for you to stand and grabs your hand, which was sweating and shaking, "Look, can we just go out tomorrow? To work things out."

He leans in for a short, yet a blissful kiss. "Sure but you need to leave, Your not supposed to be here, Jin and Namjoon don't you around me just yet. Also, Aren't you supposed to be with Yoongi right now?" You ask him with concern.

"Yeah, But Hyung got a cold so he went home and he told me to stay home but I couldn't resist being in your presence and don't listen to those old hyungs, there annoying and some times they don't even know what they're talking about."

"I don't believe you Taehyung. Now leave me alone or else I'll call Hoseok or even worse the cops and I'll file a restraining order on you." You threatened him bravely.

"Alright, But I'll be back to see you tomorrow. I love you." He tells you in a flirty way.

"Love you too...Oppa." You said. He gives you a peck kiss, then leaves, As he walks home you look out the window and think about why is Taehyung acting different? Why am I still with him? Did he lie to me about Suga? I don't know.....

That night, You just lay there and listen to I Need U by BTS, Everytime you hear this song, You think of Hoseok Oppa, You imagined what it would be like to kiss his beautiful lips, hold onto his smooth hand, to date him. Then you realized, Crap, I think I'm falling for Hoseok.......

I feel horrible for making V like that..... Don't worry guys I don't hate Taehyung, I love him just as much as the rest of the talented group. :)

My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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