Bias playlist challenge...

Tagged by:@SarahVanDorn Okay so the third song will describe our relationship let's see ^^~

Here's my Koren playlist: Bangtan (BTS)'s Danger Song details: Girl is basically ignoring the boy and he feels like he is the only one who even wants to be in a relationship between the two.

Here my Chinese/Mandarin playlist: Luhan's That Good Good Song details: Luhan in this song is saying that he has that "good good" which I'm going to interpret in the PG way (lmao), he is basically saying he is a guy that is somewhat the best and has more value than the red of guys {Before you judge or misinterpret Luhan is actually very humble and isn't cocky I swear}

Here's my Spanish playlist: Shakira's La Tortura Song details: The girl is fed up with all that the man in their relationship lies, behavior, and mistakes. She been giving him chances for too long and now he wants her back saying he needs her and to stop punishing him by ignoring him because it's hurting him

Here's my Hindi playlist: Shahrukh Khan's Marjanni Song details: It's basically talking about saying "forget the world" and its standards, just live your life happily with each other and forget about all the troubles because you'll get through it

Here's my English playlist (I'm sorry I have so many, it's just my mother and I are very multicultural): Baby Bash's Cyclone Song details: for anyone that's know it's somewhat sexual and that's all I'm gonna say... ...(BTW TO CLARIFY IM A SAINT *lmao* ITS MY OLDER SIBLINGS THAT MADE ME LIKE THE SONG *what I mean is that they always played it on repeat*)

So in other words in total it looks like my relationship with Taehyung is going to start off with a bit of troubles, then those all go away, and then turn somewhat not innocent???..... I'll let you guys interpret what that means haha ^^''


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