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You look at his happy and relaxed face as you and the others leave the car that had picked you up from the air port. The ride there had been fun and relaxing, chatting with your team members easily, in english. You still weren’t exactly confident in your Korean, and you didn’t want to say something wrong on national tv. Especially since you would be here for a whole week. You could imagine the looks you would get if they aired this episode before you left.

“Y/N!” Sarah yelled, grinning happily over at you. “This is awesome!”

Melanie jogged over with her team following close behind. “Isn’t it amazing! We don’t have to pay for any of this!” She looked around before waving at the PD in charge, or the one she thought was in charge. “Thank you for this!”

He blushed and nodded in acknowledgement before approaching their group. “This way, to the mission.”

The large group moves as one to follow the PD’s directions to the mazes, you couldn’t help but look at everyone from behind the safety of your glasses. Ji-yong was still smiling as he walked in front of you, his hands in his pockets this time. The RM members were arguing and laughing, probably remembering the last time they had been here.

Knowing the show as you did, you came to the correct conclusion that this wouldn’t be like that time.

Arriving at the divide between two of the mazes, the stone and wind ones, your group gathers together knowing that couples would be chosen from this. From a competition stand point you knew Jong Kook would be the best option. But, the fan girl inside you really wanted to be paired the G Dragon. It would be amazing to win with him.

The PD started talking quickly, explaining the rules and how things would go. The other teams all ooh’d at once, and you knew he was explaining the couple aspect and how it would happen. After he said a few other words GD sudden grabbed your hand and squeezed, surprising you. You look over at him from behind your glasses only to see him still giving his seeming complete attention to the PD. You smile quietly to yourself before turning away to give him your attention as well.

The PD was soon done with instructions and the teams went their separate ways, your friends following with bemused expressions. You felt slightly bad to not be there for them but you were just as clueless about what to do as well.

“Okay.” Jong Kook clapped his hands before gathering the four of you into a circle. “Y/N did you understand any of what he said?”

You shake your head sadly. “My Korean is still very small. I don’t know what he said.” You reply, lifting your left hand and shrugging since GD had your right still.

“Basically, the groups of four will each enter a maze. The couple that finds themselves first will be a couple. So if you find Ji-hyo the two of you will be a team. We will go in at different intervals. Two of us will be taken into the maze blindfolded on a wheel chair and place at two corners in the maze. The other two will enter from the entrance/exit.” G dragon explain, gesturing slightly as he explained.

‘So if I find him, he’ll be my partner.’ You think to yourself, looking at GD out of the corner of your eye.

“But, it must be acknowledge by both sides of the couple. If I see Kook-hyung and don’t want to be his partner and he doesn’t see me I can hide from him.” Ji-yong added, a little smirk appearing as he added this.

You squeeze his hand hesitantly and he squeezes back before letting go of your hand. You make it your goal in that moment to search for him through the maze, hoping you would find him first and not have to hide from the others. The ace and tiger were both great partners and prospects, but you seriously want to be with Ji-yong.

As soon as the rules were done being explained to you security members came and blind folded Jong Kook and Ji-Yong and led them away to be wheeled into the maze.

You waved to the ace as she was led away and soon you were by yourself, twisting you hand anxiously until the buzzer would sound for the beginning of the race. You couldn’t even plan a strategy to get to Ji-Yong because you didn’t know where in the maze he was taken. Before long the PD in charge came forward with a mic finally to attach to your clothing, and introduced you to your VJ.

What seemed like hours later, but was likely only half an hour if that, the buzzer sounded and you entered the maze cautiously. You knew well the history of RM setting up things to happen when visitors least expected it. It wouldn’t surprise you if they tried to take your name tag or make you a spy, and regardless on the rules in RM you wouldn’t betray any of BigBang. Ever.

You decided that the faster you go through this maze the better, and if you see Jong Kook and Ji-Hyo you would try to hide, hopefully you wouldn’t be found by them, but if you were you decided to be happy about it. Just because you would prefer to be with him didn’t mean you should take it out on them.

Looking around a corner you moved carefully, conscious of being followed by the VJ assigned to you and a few PD members, knowing the same was happening to your friends at that very moment. You felt a moment of worry before shaking it off. Both of your friends were very smart and resourceful. They’d be fine.

Hearing some voices you slow down and back up before darting to a close round about you had found while walking the maze. If it was one of the two you would avoid them until enough time had passed.

Peeking around the corner you wave your VJ to hide just in case. Sure enough, it wasn’t Ji-Yong but Jong Kook. Quickly but quietly you back up carefully, making sure to listen as he walked around the island of stone in the stone maze.

You hear him getting to the end of the island and you quickly sprint as quietly as possible away from him. Your heart is pounding in excitement as you quickly navigate to maze away from him, keeping as quiet as you can.

You don’t hear him exclaim about finding anyone so you slow down and become more cautious, just knowing you would find someone else soon.

A buzzer sounds in the distance announcing the joining of a couple and you look towards the sound before continuing on your way. You’re curious, of course. But you’ll find out later so wasting time thinking about it wouldn’t be productive or proactive. Rounding a corner you quickly hide as you hear some stones being kicked infront of you around a corner. Backing up into the dead end that curved slightly you wait with baited breath to see who it is. Time seems to stop and you see the bill of his grey hat before he steps around the corner, going right by where you had hidden without looking in.

Deciding to be cute, and hoping he wouldn’t mind, you quietly follow him before jumping on his back. “Oppa!” You shout happily, hopping he would play along.

He laughed loudly before turning in your embrace and hugging you back. His mouth was close to your ear and you tensed as he whispered, his breath brushing against your skin. “I was hoping I would find you first, Y/N.”

You smile before leaning back and saying loud enough for the mic to hear, “I ran away from Kim Jong Kook. It was so scary. I always thought that they made it more scary on tv then it really was. But my heart was pounding to fast!”

He laughs before linking arms with you as a buzzer sounded and the PDs approached you with a red and black shirt for you to wear in the final half.

“You two are a team?” The PD asked in halting english, holding up the shirts. GD looks at you before nodding with a big smile. “These are for you to wear. For the ending.”

You accept the shirt and look around before asking quietly to GD. “Do we head over on our own, or do we wait for the others?” He tilts his head in thought before asking the PD in Korean and getting his reply quickly.

“We have to wait for the others. There’s going to be something to decide the order of entry into the park.” He answered, frowning slightly before shrugging. “It’s probably going to be drawing numbers.”

“What park are we going to?” You ask curiously as you and Ji-yong start to leave the maze. Or at least, follow the PD with a map out of the maze.

He asks the same question in Korean and then responds to you. “Shin Hwa Theme Park. It’s here on Jeju island so we wont have to go far.”

You nod slowly having seen it mentioned in the guide book, but there hadn’t been much information on it other than it being about myths and legends. “Have you been there before?” You ask, looking over at him in curiosity.

“No, I haven’t been to this park yet.” He answers with a shrug. “I’m sure we’ll be fine. After all, I have you.”

You laugh happily up at him before feeling your pocket vibrate. “Oh, one second.” You say while reaching into your pocket to grab your phone.

Mel: I got paired up with that traitor!

You giggle before typing a reply: You can get him out first before he betrays you.

Mel: but if I do that wont I loose?

You: No, if that was how it worked no teams would ever win. A couple can loose a member and still win.

Mel: Really? Your not just saying that so I’ll get disqualified?

You: I wouldn’t do that to you, at least not over the phone lol.

Mel: if I find out you were long or lying….i know where you live….lol jk. But really.

You: lol I promise ttyl.

Mel: bye!

You put your phone away and answer the curious stare he’s giving you. “My friend got paired with Lee Gwang Soo.”

“Ahhh. I understand.” He replied, not needing any more information. “So, do you have a favorite event on RM?” He asks as you finally exit the maze at the same spot you entered and find the ace and tiger waiting for you.

“Oh, I love a lot of the events, but I love the tournament wrestling. Where two people hold that cloth that’s tied around the leg and the person wrestled to the ground looses.”

“Ooohhhh.” Kim Jong Kook heard your reply and laughed with the ace. “I win those all the time.”

GD laughs but you don’t join in. Having seen all the episodes you feel like you could beat him. “I think I could win against you.”

Jong Kook laughs until he realizes your serious. “Really?” He looks around and sees everyone else is shocked too.

“Yup.” You wink behind your sunglasses and GD laughs before putting his arm over your shoulder familiarly. “I think I would win.” You insist. “Why don’t we do it just for fun? We’re waiting on one more team anyways.”

Ji-hyo looks around shocked. She starts talking in Korean and everyone but you joins in. G Dragon shrugs before giving you a gentle push and taking off his jacket. “You can use my jacket around your leg.”

You blush at the thought of wearing his jacket, even if its just wrapping it around your leg for Jong Kook to hold on to.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Jong Kook says, looking at your smaller frame.

You laugh secretly thinking about all the practice you did just in case. Self defense lessons and everything. Being in Y/city didn’t mean you would be safe, and the wrestling they do on RM looked like good defense tactics.

Getting in position you smile as GD and Ji-hyo both cheered you on. You kneel down and grab the cloth on his leg while he grabs the one on yours slowly standing you look at GD in order to know when to start. He lights his hands onto both your backs just as Melanie’s team shows up.

Melanie grins and gives you a thumbs up when you look over at her. ‘You’ve got this’ she mouths to you before leaning against the stone wall of the maze to watch.

Turning you attention back to the match you nod when GD asks if your ready. “Don’t go easy on me.” You say quietly, tightening your grip on his cloth.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He says, shifting away slightly.

You laugh before pulling a little and tugging him slightly off balance. His eyes widen in surprise. “You wont hurt me. I’ve been taking defense lessons.”

Jong Kook hesitated before shrugging. “Okay.”

GD tapped both your backs signaling the start of the match. Remembering what you did about his moves you weren’t surprised when he picked you up. Tucking both your legs between his you were careful to not hurt him (in that place). That would just be mean. Waiting for him to get cocky you slowly inch your ankles to behind his and clamp your knees close together. Waiting a few more seconds you use the strength in your legs to keep your knees together while pulling your feet up against his ankles.

He stumbled slightly and you heared everyone make “oh” sounds when he wobbled a little. HE pulled you away and shifted you so your legs both on his left side. Twisting your body you stick your right leg between his and your foot against his ankle. Tightening your ankle you make sure your foot is secure before twisting your body and pulling his right foot back. The surprise move makes him drop to his knees and moving quickly you roll over him and press his back to the ground.

Theres silence as you stand up and hold your hand down to him to help him up, grinning at his surprised expression.

Then suddenly theres a bust of shouting and laughing in Korean, and you stumble back as the group surrounds Jong Kook and you, clapping your back in congratulation while ribbing Jong Kook for finally loosing.

You wink at Jong Kook before laughing. “He let me win!”

Everyone disagrees but he just grins at you in acknowledgment of you helping him save face for loosing to you.

The PD comes over with Sarahs team and informs everyone all the teams are made and that the groups need to move out to the park.

You nod and link arms with GD to head to a car with Jonk Kook and Ji-Hyo, who was still ribbing him over loosing.

GD leans close and says you did a very good job and you cant help but blush at his compliment.

Getting in the car with the others you can’t help but wonder how the rest of the day would go.

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