my day all the time

sorry it's a stupid picture I couldn't find my mask so instead I wore this mask anyway my daily routine is getting up for school and brushing my teeth I always play bts songs while doing something I remember when run came on and I was all of a sudden dancing to it (I know all there dances and practice them everyday) then I get dressed and learn but of course I can't since kpop is my life and I watch oh my Venus every night so that too and finally after school I do chores while playing bts songs then I go running around with my brothers and come back to practice bts songs or any song (just got if you do by GOT7 done oh nae!) after that I sing lyrics and go to bed late singing bts and talking with my maknae@nnatalieg

Hey it's your alien 👽 talk to me anytime I'm here writing stories and fangirling over sexy Korean men
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