Are Double Standards Ruining Your Chances Of Finding Love?


As I laid across my bed on speakerphone, I listened to the voice on the other end of the line. We hadn't spoke in what felt like forever, but per usual, he was talking a mile per minute. I didn't mind though, it's always nice to have someone to talk to every now and then. That is until he got on the topic of women and their standards -- double standards to be exact or at least that's how he described it.

It's so easy. Women have the ability to roll out the bed, not comb their hair for three weeks straight looking like Sister Souljah and still get seventeen guys to approach them.'

Wait, but that's not it.

'I don't care, you're going to love me the way I am or you're not going to love me at all mentality.'


Although, 95% of what I was listening to was extremely bias in my personal opinion, he was somewhat correct. Despite his negative views, as women I believe that this sort of love me or leave me mentality is necessary.

So, the question is, where do the double standards that he spoke about in the beginning of the conversation come into play?

According to him, he said a thicker women with a bit more weight on her will believe she deserves any man that walks past her -- but the thick women and/or women in general, won't show a guy with a little belly any love.

And that's where he's wrong.

guy with a little extra meat on his bones

Double standards are common, but when it comes to women and their confidence I believe that you can only be as confident as you choose to be. Same goes for a man. When you exude confidence it shines through. Those women that expect a man to fall like dominoes when they look her way are the same women who expect you [men] to show the same kind of confidence.


Do you think he was overreacting or does he have a point?

I would love to get some feedback. Chime in all.


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